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Provide: Morimar Basalt Fields

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Provide: Morimar Basalt Fields
Coalition Couriers' Coalition
Rank Probationer
Type Base Provisions
Zone Morimar Basalt Fields
Objective Transport provisions to the site in Morimar Basalt Fields where the frontier station is to be constructed.
IMP x1 IMP x2 IMP x3 Treasure
750 1350 1800


  1. Zone to Eastern Adoulin from Western Adoulin at (M-8).
  2. Travel to (G-5) in Eastern Adoulin and talk to Lamaron to be sent to Yahse Hunting Grounds.
  3. Travel north to (H-5) in Yahse Hunting Grounds and zone to Moh Gates.
  4. Travel north to (G-5) in Moh Gates and zone to Morimar Basalt Fields. Be advised that there appears to be a Cave Panopt in the first small room that aggros through Sneak and Invisible (Status).
  5. From the entrance of Morimar Basalt Fields, follow the path to (K-10) and speak to the Station Administrator to complete the assignment.


  • Movement speed increasing effects recommended.
  • Completing this assignment presumably aids with the construction of the Frontier Station in Morimar Basalt Fields.