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A jeer or insult, a sharp poke or prod, or perhaps just making a chink in their armor; this ability is used to increase the enemy’s enmity towards oneself.

Job Ability Information
Job Warrior
Type Level  
Level Obtained 5
Description Goads an enemy into attacking you.
Range 17.8'
Recast 00:00:30 (Base)
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 1800
Command /ja "Provoke" <stnpc>


  • Because Provoke gives the same amount of Volatile Enmity as decays in its recast, it can be used to effectively "freeze" a player's Volatile Enmity level.
Example: Jim the PLD/WAR claimed Tiamat and built some hate, but Tiamat took off flying. Jim uses Provoke (+1800 VE) every 30 seconds (30×-60 = -1800 VE) so that he doesn't lose any Volatile Enmity while Tiamat is flying.
  • In Ballista and Brenner, Provoke temporarily prevents your opponent from targeting anyone but you.
    • This will prevent them from casting self-targetted spells as well.
  • Automatons can use this ability through the Strobe attachment with at least one Fire Maneuver activated.



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