Purple, The New Black

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Purple, The New Black
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC La Vaule (S)
Title Traverser of Time
Repeatable No
Description The Dark Kindred have begun a relentless assault of La Vaule. Assist Sir Haudrale and the Knights of the Madder Falcon in evacuating the helpless villagers to safety.
Previous Mission Next Mission
A Timeswept Butterfly In the Name of the Father


  • Examine the Reinforced Gateway at (F-9) in La Vaule (S) for a cutscene.
  • Examine the Reinforced Gateway a second time for a BCNM fight against Galarhigg.
    • All buffs will wear upon entering.
  • After defeating the boss, another cutscene occurs and you automatically advance to the next mission.

Directions to Reinforced Gateway

  • Once inside La Vaule (S), make an immediate right once you hit the big room at (J-7).
  • Follow it up to the top corner (I-7), heading north before making a left.
  • Make your way across the bridge and proceed to the split at (G-7), turning right to head north.
  • Follow this with a left at the (G-6) split and continue straight until you hit a big room filled with orcs (around level 80).
    • Be careful of Coinbiter Cjaknokk, who has true sight. The other orcs will link if he aggros you, so keep a wide berth and work your way around him if he's up.
  • Make your way directly across the big room to (E-6) and follow the path until a split where you'll turn left and head west.
  • Follow this path until (E-7) and turn left, heading east.
  • The path will turn you south, where you'll cross a bridge at (F-8). This will put you right at (F-9) where the Reinforced Gateway will be directly to your right.


  • Galarhigg is fairly easy to defeat with a PLD/NIN and RDM/WHM. The only difficulty occurred from Petro Eyes, which left the Paladin petrified for several minutes.

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