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Rala Waterways (U) Composite Map
Located in an "Otherwordly" version of Vana'diel, Rala Waterways (U) is a parallel version of Rala Waterways in which Skirmishes take place.


Entry into Rala Waterways (U) skirmishes is accomplished by having the party leader utilize a Rala simulacrum (assembled from three Simulacrum Segments including a Rala Visage) at the Augural Conveyor located in Rala Waterways in the southeast corner of (B-6). All players in the party will be immediately transported to the Skirmish area once entry has been confirmed by the party leader.

There are five Skirmishes that occur within Rala Waterways (U), dependent on the tier of Faithful's Torso used in assembling the simulacrum. Each Skirmish will begin at the same location on the overall map, but take place on progressively larger versions of the map (current Skirmishes utilize the Eastern half of the composite map linked above). The largest map (on a tier V body run) contains 15 notorious monsters and many more normal monsters. Smaller maps contain fewer notorious monsters and normal monsters, from the same overall pool of monsters. In map sections that are common to different size Skirmishes, enemies will be located in the same positions.

Completing the tier V Skirmish by utilizing Faithful's Torso V (primary or secondary objective) in Rala Waterways (U) will grant the title Waterway Exemplar.

Faithful's Torso Tier / Objective Requirements (NMs Defeated)
Time Limit 30 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Primary Objective 6 7 8 9 10
Secondary Objective 8 10 11 13 15

Notorious Monsters

15 unique Notorious Monsters are present in Rala Waterways (U). The monsters present will be determined by the Torso tier used:

  • Woecroak Toad x2 (Tiers I~V)
    • Has an extremely potent Additional effect: Poison (100-150 HP/tick) which procs frequently on normal attacks
  • Skulking Spider x2 (Tiers I~V)
    • Can cast various earth-based magic including Break and Stonega IV
  • Forsaken Obdella x2 (Tiers I~V)
    • No unique properties or behaviors (can use Obdella TP moves such as Caliginosity and Random Kiss)
  • Sewer Tarichuk x2 (Tiers I~V)
    • Takes bonus magic damage (possibly triple)
  • Photophobic Bat x2 (Tiers II~V)
    • No unique properties or behaviors
  • Crustnibbler Twitherym x1 (Tiers III~V)
    • No unique properties or behaviors.
  • Sludgeslither Slime x2 (Tiers IV~V)
    • Standard resistance to physical damage and increased magical damage taken
  • Karst Crab x2 (Tier V)
    • Question


Rala Waterways (U) Skirmish Maps


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