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Were you looking for Distance Correction?

Similar to Attack, Ranged Attack depends on STR at the ratio of 0.75 Ranged Attack per STR. This makes stacking STR on Ranger all the more attractive, because of the favorable ranged fSTR function.

Ranged Attack is also directly related to the weapon skill in use, and is assume to give a 1:1 ratio over the whole range.

Unliked Ranged Accuracy, Ranged Attack can be measured (or at least closely approximated) using ranged attacks, which have a very small range of possible value that is directly related to your ranged attack. A basic testing paradigm would be:

  • Put on the unknown amount of Ranged Attack (for instance, a new food) with no other Ranged Attack gear/buffs.
    • Check your range of shot damages on an EM monster.
  • Take off the unknown amount of Ranged Attack and see how much of a known amount Ranged Attack you need to add in order to get the same range.
    • It's important to note that your STR must be the same in both cases.

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