Ranguemont Pass

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Connected Zone Ranguemont Pass Arrives at
East Ronfaure G-12 Ranguemont Pass-map.jpg K-4 East Ronfaure.jpg
Beaucedine Glacier I-4 Ranguemont Pass-map.jpg E-11 Beaucedine Glacier-map.jpg
Zone Image
Ranguemont Pass header.jpg
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Fauregandi
Zone Type Dungeon
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Perchond 1 F-10
Name Map Pos. Notes
Myffore 1 F-10


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
Blighted Gloom Luto Mewrilah G-8 Upper Jeuno Increases Adventurer Fellow Familiarity Limit to 70.
Painful Memory Mertaire I-8 Lower Jeuno Paper Knife
Sin Hunting Perih Vashai K-7 Windurst Woods Sniping Bow
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Taisaijin 60-63 (G-5) Morphs from a Taisai at (G-5) if they are all left undisturbed for 23-25 hours. Sound

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Wind Bats Bats 03 05 Sound
Blade Bat Bat 04 07 Sound A
Goblin Thug Goblin THF 04 08 Sight A L
Goblin Weaver Goblin RDM 04 08 Sight A L
Oil Slick Slime 07 09 Sound, Scent A
Goblin's Bats Bats 25 27 Sound
Seeker Bats Bats 25 28 Sound L
Goblin Gambler Goblin BLM 26 30 Sight A L
Goblin Leecher Goblin WHM 26 30 Sight A L
Goblin Mugger Goblin THF 26 30 Sight A L
Ooze Slime 28 30 Sound, Scent A
Cave Scorpion Scorpion 30 33 Sound, Scent A
Stirge Bat 30 33 Sound A L
Hecteyes Hecteyes 31 34 Sound A
Goblin Furrier Goblin RNG 32 34 Sight A L
Goblin Pathfinder Goblin BST 32 34 Sight A L
Goblin Shaman Goblin BLM 32 34 Sight A L
Goblin Smithy Goblin WAR 32 34 Sight A L
Floating Eye Ahriman 34 36 Sight, Sound A L
Evil Weapon Evil Weapon RDM 35 37 Sound, Magic A
Evil Weapon Evil Weapon WAR 35 37 Sound, Magic A
Taisai Hecteyes 35 38 Sound A
Giant Scorpion Scorpion 38 40 Sound, Scent A
Tros Sea Monk 44 44 Sound A Quest
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

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