Ravager's Armor Set +2

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Were you looking for Ravager's Armor Set or Ravager's Armor Set +1 or Boii Armor Set or Boii Armor Set +1?

Ravager's Armor Set +2

Ravager's Armor Set +2
(Warrior only)
Level 85
Ravager's Mask +2
DEF:38 STR+8 VIT+8 Accuracy+14
Attack+14 Critical hit rate +3%
"Double Attack"+4%
Level 89
Ravager's Lorica +2
DEF:68 Accuracy+20 Attack+20
Great Axe skill +7 "Store TP"+8
Enhances "Blood Rage" effect
Level 87
Ravager's Mufflers +2
DEF:32 STR+9 DEX+9
Accuracy+12 Axe skill +5
Enhances "Restraint" effect
Level 83
Ravager's Cuisses +2
DEF:54 Attack+15 "Double Attack"+5%
Haste+7% "Fencer"+1
Level 81
Ravager's Calligae +2
DEF:27 Accuracy+7 Haste+5%
Increases critical hit damage
Enhances "Retaliation" effect
Set: “Augments Double Attack


  • The Augments "Double Attack" effect causes your doubled attacks to sometimes do double damage. The number of +2 items increases the chances of this occurring.
    • This Augmented Double Attack appears to be exclusive with normal Double Attack, and proc after it, similar to OAT weapons with Double/Triple Attack.


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