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Regen (Status)

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Add image of the status effect icon here, please.

Regen restores HP over time in 3 second intervals (Ticks).

How to gain Regen

Regen Spells


Phantom Roll

  • Dancer's Roll (Potential 3-16/tick and +4/tick if a Dancer is present in the party over 300 seconds)


Weapon Skills

Food/Drinks/Temporary Items

  • Various Au Lait food items (treated as a Regen effect, not a food effect)
  • Strange Milk (5 HP/tick over 180 seconds)

Equipment Effects

  • Dukkha: Gives a 30 HP/tick regen effect for 180 seconds when the additional effect triggers.
  • Various pieces of equipment have a regen effect that automatically activates when the equipment is worn, although this is not shown as a status effect.

Job Trait

  • Auto Regen: WHM and BLU job trait, grants 1 or 2 HP/tick depending on trait level. Not a status effect.

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