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Each Relic Weapon receives a different Aftermath effect following its specific weapon skill, as shown in the table below. Potency is constant regardless of TP, but Relic Aftermath duration is based on TP and scales between the anchor points similar to TP Multipliers. Aftermath strength was entirely unaffected by Trial of the Magians.

Relic Aftermath Potency

Weapon Weapon Skill Aftermath
(119 III)
Type Jobs
Spharai Final Heaven Subtle Blow+10 Subtle Blow+10
Kick Attacks+15%
Hand-to-Hand MNK
Mandau Mercy Stroke Critical Hit Rate+5% Critical Hit Rate+5%
Critical Hit Damage+5%
Dagger RDM, THF, BRD
Excalibur Knights of Round 10 HP/tick Regen 30 HP/tick Regen
3 MP/tick Refresh
Sword PLD, RDM
Ragnarok Scourge Critical Hit Rate+5% Critical Hit Rate+10%
Great Sword WAR, PLD, DRK
Guttler Onslaught Attack+10% Attack+10%
Pet: Attack+10%
Bravura Metatron Torment Damage Taken-20% Damage Taken-20%
15 HP/tick Regen
Great Axe WAR
Apocalypse Catastrophe Haste+10% Haste+10%
Scythe DRK
Gungnir Geirskogul Shock Spikes Shock Spikes
Double Attack+5%
Polearm DRG
Kikoku Blade: Metsu Subtle Blow+10 Subtle Blow+10
Katana NIN
Amanomurakumo Tachi: Kaiten Store TP+7 Store TP+10
Great Katana SAM
Mjollnir Randgrith Accuracy+20 Accuracy+20
Magic Accuracy+20
5 MP/tick Refresh
Club WHM
Claustrum Gates of Tartarus 8 MP/tick Refresh Damage Taken-20%
15 MP/tick Refresh
Staff BLM, SMN
Yoichinoyumi Namas Arrow Ranged Accuracy+20 Ranged Accuracy+30
Annihilator Coronach Enmity-20 Enmity-25
Ranged Attack+10%

Relic Aftermath Duration (Level 75~119/II)

Relic Aftermath duration scales based on TP:

TP Duration
1000TP 20 Seconds
2000TP 40 Seconds
3000TP 60 Seconds

The generic duration equation is: Floor( 0.02×TP )

Relic Aftermath Duration (Level 119 III)

Relic Aftermath duration scales based on TP:

TP Duration
1000TP 60 Seconds
2000TP 120 Seconds
3000TP 180 Seconds

The generic duration equation is: Floor( 0.06×TP )

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