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Rendezvous Points are special points within certain cities and the level 30 Promyvion zones that are able to be accessed after starting the Adventuring Fellow series of quests.

City Rendezvous Points

Zone Position
Port Bastok (J-13)
Northern San d'Oria (K-10)
Windurst Waters (North map) (L-10)
Ru'Lude Gardens (G-10)
Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-10)

A Rendezvous Point in a city zone allows you to speak to your Adventuring Fellow to change appearances, combat styles, and initiate the Investigation of the Emptiness sub quest.

  • Additionally, choosing the "Let's chat" will increase your Familiarity Level by one. (Only applicable once per real life day.)

Below is a listing of the options that you will get at a city's Rendezvous Point in hierarchal format.

What do you need?

  • Never mind.
  • Let's chat.
  • Let's talk about quests.
    • You can get the Investigation of the Emptiness sub quest from here.
  • Let's talk about battle.
    • I've changed my mind.
    • Tell me your level and combat style.
    • Combat signals.
      • Signals for low health.
      • Signals for low magic.
      • Signals for weapon skill usage.
      • Other combat concerns.
    • Combat styles.
      • Shield style.
      • Attacker style.
      • Healer style.
      • Stalwart shield style.
      • Fierce attacker style.
      • Soothing healer style.
    • AoE Weapon skill usage.
  • Let's talk about appearances.
    • I've changed my mind.
    • Headwear.
      • Your current headwear is fine.
      • List of headwear specific to your Fellow's set.
      • No Headwear at all.
    • Fashionable Equipment.
      • I'm not really sure.
      • Body.
      • Hands.
      • Legs.
      • Feet.
      • None.
        • Any other suggestions?

Promyvion Rendezvous Points

Zone Position
Promyvion - Dem (J-9)
Promyvion - Holla (J-7)
Promyvion - Mea (G-6)

These points are used to begin the Investigation of the Emptiness escort.

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