Research Marks

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Research Marks are a type of credit earned by successfully completing goals associated with various Meeble Burrows expeditions. The amount of research marks earned are typically determined by:

  • Expedition: With several exceptions, higher rank expeditions yield more marks than lower rank expeditions. Boss expeditions yield far fewer marks than non-boss expeditions.
  • Goals Completed: The most important factor in receiving the highest marks reward is the completion of Goal 3.
  • Number of Participants: More participants will yield more research marks per player. From a baseline amount at three players, the bonus per player is 20% for four players, 40% for five players, and 60% for six players.

Research Marks can be expended for reward items at the following NPCs:

See the NPC pages for a full list of purchasable reward items. Note that Burrow Researchers only sell rewards associated with their location while the Burrow Investigator sells all rewards.