Return to the Depths

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Return to the Depths
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 5
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Ayame - Metalworks K-7
Pack Chains of Promathia
Title Goblin in Disguise
Repeatable No
Description You are to find the one who speaks both the common and the Moblin language, and learn more about the city of Movalpolos.
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Question of Faith None


  • Talk to Ayame for a cut-scene that starts the quest.
  • Go to Oldton Movalpolos for a cutscene upon zoning.
  • Go to Misareaux Coast and obtain a Misareaux Garlic that drops from the Orcs there.
  • Go to Lower Jeuno and trade the Misareaux Garlic to Muckvix (located at H-10 in Goblins' Goblet, through Muckvix's Junk Shop.) After a lengthy cut-scene, you will receive 2000 gil and the Letter from Muckvix key item.
  • Go to Kazham and talk with Magriffon, located at I-7 in Celodehki's Bed & Breakfast. Trading him 10,000 gil will trigger a cutscene resulting in two key items: Letter from Magriffon and Providence pot.
    • You will receive the 10,000 gil back at the end of the quest.
    • Trading Magriffon the 10,000 gil will continue this specific quest even if other quests are currently active that involve giving Magriffon gil.
  • Return to Lower Jeuno and talk with Muckvix for a cutscene where you deliver the key items and receive the Pungent providence pot key item in return.
  • Return to Oldton Movalpolos for a short cutscene. Go to Tarnotik and talk with him, answering in the affirmative to both his questions.
  • Trade one Ahriman Tears to Tarnotik to be teleported to Mine Shaft #2716 BCNM zone. Each person who is involved in the quest must trade a tear to Tarnotik to be teleported to the BCNM zone.
    • You must talk to Tarnotik before you are able to enter the BCNM. You do not have to bring him the tears if you have the Home Point warp. You still must talk to him though.
  • Once in Mine Shaft #2716, select the Shaft Entrance twice for two cutscenes; select in the affirmative both times. This will put you in a 30 minute BCNM, with up to 6 people allowed.
  • Defeat Twilotak to end the BCNM, and for a cutscene where you receive the 10,000 gil back.
  • Return to Metalworks and talk with Ayame for the Bowyer Ring reward, and to end the quest.
  • Optional followup: talk to the Tarutaru Ravorara from the earlier quests, to sell the Pungent providence pot for 1000 gil and receive a final cutscene.

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