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Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Mission 2-35

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Were you looking for Identically named Rhapsodies Mission 1-10?

Eddies of Despair
Series None
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Cid and his team have headed to Escha - Ru'Aun, where a vortex is sucking up the crystals' power. What lies beyond? Be on your guard as you proceed.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Cacophonous Discord Pretender to the Throne


  • Upon entering Escha - Ru'Aun, to the left there is a ??? that gives you Eschan Droplets item. Afterwards, click on the Eschan Portal to get to the next one.
    • At each portal, you need to look around for ??? and obtain another Eschan Droplet. This will allow you to teleport to the next one. Repeat this process until you've reached Portal #15. The location of each ??? is as follows:
      • Eschan Portal #2 — At the end of the only path.
      • Eschan Portal #3 — Up the first staircase near the pillar to the right.
      • Eschan Portal #4 — Across the bridge, between the two large pillars to the left.
      • Eschan Portal #5 — At the end of the only path.
      • Eschan Portal #6 — Southern (G-6), at the end of the bridge behind the second staircase.
      • Eschan Portal #7 — (F-5), Directly left of the second bridge.
      • Eschan Portal #8 — At the end of the only path.
      • Eschan Portal #9 — Head up both sets of stairs and turn left. Make another left at the bridge crossing the water. The ??? is in the middle of this area.
      • Eschan Portal #10 — Across both bridges, at the south-west side of the last platform.
      • Eschan Portal #11 — At the end of the only path.
      • Eschan Portal #12 — Head up both sets of stairs and turn right. Keep moving until you see a staircase leading up. The ??? is on the right side of the staircase, at (J-7).
      • Eschan Portal #13 — Across the first bridge, next to the first large pillar to the left.
      • Eschan Portal #14 — At the end of the only path.
        • This process is not restricted to this mission and can be completed at any time after you've gained entry access to the zone.
        • If you have difficulty finding the ??? on a certain island, you can also go back to the start and pick up a new Eschan Droplets from the ???, then pay silt to use the Eschan Portal and use the new KI to continue unlocking portals.
  • Click on the shining ??? at Portal #15 for a cutscene.

Monsters You'll Encounter Along the Way
Eschan Limule
Aggressive only at night (18:00 - 6:00) by sound. Category-Murex.jpg
Eschan Murex
Magic JA
Aggressive at night (18:00 - 6:00) to magic and job ability use.
Eschan Il'aern
Non-aggressive, completely harmless. Category-Amoeban.jpg
Eschan Amoeban
Aggressive at night (18:00 - 6:00) to magic.
Eschan Xzomit
Non-aggressive, completely harmless. Category-Euvhi.jpg
Eschan Euvhi
Aggressive to sound only when open.
  • Think of them like flowers: when closed they look like buds, when open you'll see all their pedals out.
  • Sneak up when you get to them because usually they're mixed with open and not open, it's totally random.
Eschan Hpemde
Non-aggressive, detect by sound.
  • Hpemde will not attack you, but they'll follow you like puppy dogs if they hear you.
Eschan Clionid
Aggressive at night (18:00 - 6:00) to low HP.

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