Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Mission 3-26

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The Winds of Time
Series Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: You have shed the last vestiges of your humanity to become a god of light. Altana has revealed the key: the fledgling deities of light and darkness must engage in heated combat to brew up the "winds of time." The Reckoning is at hand!
Previous Mission Next Mission
Way to Divinity Calm After the Storm


  • Check the Transcendental Radiance in Empyreal Paradox and enter the battlefield "The Winds of Time".
  • You will have to fight and defeat Metus.
    • Metus can use Promathia's TP moves, including : Bastion of Twilight, Wheel of Impregnability, Infernal Deliverance, Empty Salvation
    • Metus can also use Osmotic Wave, Censure
    • Metus can cast Meteor
    • Trust NPCs can be used for this battle.
  • After winning the battle, a cutscene will start along with the next mission.

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