Royal Painter Escort

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Royal Painter Escort
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Halshaob, Nashmau (H-10)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description The Empress has sent her royal painter Faluuya to the Ashu Talif to sketch diagrams of the ship. The Maelstrom Company is to protect her as she completes her work.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Scouting the Ashu Talif Targeting the Captain
Scouting the Ashu Talif completed.

Note: You can only partake on one quest of this questline per Earth day. Other quests that are affected by this restriction are Scouting the Ashu Talif and Targeting the Captain.


  • Trade Halshaob one Imperial Silver Piece.
    • You are only allowed to do this quest once every 24 hours.
  • Head to the Cutter, located in the Arrapago Reef.
    • To get there, first travel to Dvucca Isle Staging Point and exit into the Mire.
    • Head East to (G-9) and zone into Arrapago Reef.
    • Head North to (H-8) to find the Cutter.
    • The Survival Guide in Caedarva Mire puts you on the north side of the zone, which is a short run to G-8.
  • The battle has a 30 minute time limit.
  • Inside, you will find a NPC who will ask you to open the door for her.
    • Make sure everyone in your party is ready before opening the door.
  • Once inside, several Ashu Talif Crew members will continuously spawn and attempt to kill the NPC.
    • The NPC must be kept alive, if she dies the mission is over.
    • The NPC can be cured.
    • The members of the Ashu Talif Crew seem to ignore aggroing players, and will rush the NPC.
    • Doing damage to the Crew Members will make them aggro you.
    • If the NPC is hurt, she will run to the back of the ship until you clear everything that is attacking her.
  • Shortly after the Ashu Talif Crew members begin to spawn, the NM Black Bartholomew will appear.
    • This NM spawns on the opposite side of the hull from where you entered.
    • If Black Bartholomew is defeated all Ashu Talif Crew members will vanish and will stop spawning.
  • Once the NPC completes her painting, a treasure chest will spawn on deck.

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