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Salaheem's Sentinels

From BG FFXI Wiki
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President Naja Salaheem and her "Spikey Friend" are waiting for lazy mercenaries who are slacking on their duties.

Despite vehement protest from her closest advisors, Empress Nashmeira II authorized the organization of a Mercenary Company called Salaheem's Sentinels to provide security, services, espionage and complete other 'under the radar' missions for her. The President of the company is Naja Salaheem a tempered Mithra with background in siphoning Glory Crowns and hundreds of gold coins from unsuspecting new Mercenaries. In a more public display of business dealings, Salaheem's Sentinels are currently being employed by the Imperial Army to assist in large scale operations against the beastman hordes and in protecting the Imperial Capital.

The head office of Salaheem's Sentinel is located at (I-10) of Aht Urhgan Whitegate, where you will find Naja and her ever loyal second in command, Abquhbah.

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