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San d'Or. Flour icon.png Bag of San d'Orian flour
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Description: This flour was made at the Konschtat Flourmills.
Image: San d'Or. Flour description.png
Type: Item
Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box
Stack size: 12
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Food ➞ Ingredients
"Find San d'Or. Flour on FFXIAH" "Find San d'Or. Flour on FFXIDB"

Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Benaige Southern San d'Oria - (F-7) 55 Gil

San d'Oria at least 2nd place in Conquest

Kopopo Windurst Waters North - (E-8) 45 Gil
Cooking Guild Merchant
Open from 5:00 - 20:00 daily
Chomo Jinjahl Windurst Waters North - (E-8) 60 Gil
Cooking Guild Recruit rank or higher
Bin Stejihna Windurst Woods - (G-8) 55 Gil
Zulkheim Regional Vendor
Phamelise Southern San d'Oria - (K-9) 55 Gil
Zulkheim Regional Vendor
Rosswald Port Bastok - (J-7) 55 Gil
Zulkheim Regional Vendor
Komalata Tavnazian Safehold - (G-7) 60 Gil

Chains of Promathia chapter 4 or higher.

Kanil Western Adoulin - (K-8) 60 Gil
Corua Southern San d'Oria - (G-9) 110 Gil
Ronfaure Regional Vendor
Faustin Bastok Mines - (J-9) 110 Gil
Ronfaure Regional Vendor
Jourille Windurst Waters - (J-9) 110 Gil
Ronfaure Regional Vendor

Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Tortilla Cooking 14
Army Biscuit Cooking 14
Vegetable Gruel Cooking 26
Acorn Cookie Cooking 32
Pepper Biscuit Cooking 32
Fire Biscuit Cooking 32
Iron Bread Cooking 34
Maple Cake Cooking 35
Meatball Cooking 35
Butter Crepe Cooking 35
Pie Dough Cooking 42
Cherry Muffin Cooking 43
White Bread Cooking 44
Orange Cake Cooking 45
Green Curry Bun Cooking 46
Ramen Noodles Cooking 46
Cinna-cookie Cooking 47


Mont Blanc Cooking 47
Chocolate Crepe Cooking 47
Bretzel Cooking 51


Crayfish Ball Cooking 52
Coffee Muffin Cooking 53
Yellow Curry Bun Cooking 54
Pumpkin Cake Cooking 55
Pamama Tart Cooking 56
Ginger Cookie Cooking 58


Ham and Cheese Crepe Cooking 59
Pet Food Zeta Cooking 59
Pogaca Cooking 59
Cutlet Sandwich Cooking 60
Snoll Gelato Cooking 62
Black Curry Bun Cooking 64
Konigskuchen Cooking 65
Sausage Roll Cooking 66
Raisin Bread Cooking 67
Adamantoise Soup Cooking 69
Gateau aux Fraises Cooking 69
Pet Food Eta Cooking 69
Dhalmel Stew Cooking 70
Red Curry Bun Cooking 72
Pear Crepe Cooking 72
Salmon Meuniere Cooking 73
Fish and Chips Cooking 74
Kohlrouladen Cooking 74
Yogurt Cake Cooking 75
Rarab Meatball Cooking 76
Buche au Chocolat Cooking 78
Cloudy Wheat Broth Cooking 78
Pet Food Theta Cooking 79
Orange Kuchen Cooking 80
Cream Puff Cooking 81
Bass Meuniere Cooking 83
Mushroom Crepe Cooking 83
Chocolate Cake Cooking 85
Black Pudding Cooking 89
Lebkuchen House Cooking 90
Rolanberry Pie Cooking 90
Meatloaf Cooking 91
Flounder Meuniere Cooking 93
Auroral Broth Cooking 93
Brain Stew Cooking 96

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