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In every area, players may run into free-spirit NPCs with ties to no nation. Such NPCs are known as "freelances". On such encounters you may be able to recruit these characters, enlisting them to temporarily serve the efforts of the Allied Forces. Freelances recruited in such a manner will not only participate directly in combat, but will also come to have an influence on the armies and countries which they serve under, and may even form their own ranks to lead in battle.

Freelance NPCs

The following is a list of the NPCs and the individual methods of influencing them to join your home nation. All Freelance NPCs can only be influenced once before zoning. If a Freelance NPC has been influenced sufficiently they become allied to the nation who contributed the most after that week's Campaign tallyVerification Needed. Once they are allied to a nation, they will reside in that nation's city when not in Campaign Battle like other Campaign NPC's.

Freelance NPCs can offer unique and powerful attacks to a nations force during a Campaign Battle. A nation which employs Titania gains the benefit of a reduced exp. loss sigil bonus.

Name Neutral Position San d'Oria Position Bastok Position Windurst Position Recruitment Method
Achtelle assisted by her wyvern, Bravo. East Ronfaure (S) G/H-11 near King Ranperre's Tomb L-9  ? H-8 (Map 2) Influenced by speaking to her as a Dragoon.
Auroral Alicorn. (J-7) Jugner Forest (S)  ? G-9 H-10 Influenced by casting cure spells on it.
Areuhat whose alternate form is Odzmanouk. Inside any of several caves in Grauberg (S) at D-13, D-8, E-10, F-12, I-6, K-7, or K-12.  ? G-8 F-8/G-8 (Optistery Bridge) Influenced by trading Hi-Potions. Completion of quest Beast from the East: Influenced by trading a Shell Bug.
Azima North Gustaberg (S) located at any of 4 zone exits at E-7, E-11, G-10, or K-3.  ? H-10  ? Influenced by speaking to her as a level 61 or higher Alchemist.
Babban Ny Mheillea assisted by: Abenzio, Bryher, Camlin, or Darach.Verification Needed) Its method of influence is a "Sprout" target in Meriphataud Mountains (S) located at E-6, and other locations that need more info. N/A N/A N/A Influenced by trading Distilled Water to a "Sprout" target.
Choh Moui may be assisted by Azo, Vahi, and up to 8 Chigoe. H-8 Crawlers' Nest (S) on the ramp leading into the 2nd Map. J-11 E-7 G-12 (Map1) Throughout the map there are six ??? targets placed in the rooms. When they are checked the player receives a message about either finding rotting crawler flesh, or a crimson chigoe. This is not a tangible item to trade; it is a simple message. Once given the crimson chigoe message, return to Choh Moui and she will accept it to gain influence for your nation. Checking any further ??? will only result in getting the crawler flesh message. The only way to obtain a new crimson chigoe message is to zone out and return.
Dalzakk assisted by Oggbi. Sauromugue Champaign (S) running laps near the pathway from roughly I-7 to K-9.  ? Runs laps between the exit to North Gustaburg and the Metalworks. Runs laps near the Mithra mercenary encampment. Influenced by speaking to him as a Monk.
Duskraven assisted by up to 5 Dusk Raiders. Batallia Downs (S) F-5.  ? H-4 E-8 Influenced by trading 500 gil.
Ferreous Coffin. Batallia Downs (S) (I-11). G-9 K-10 F-5 Influenced speaking to him as a White Mage.
Kagetora assisted by up to 5 copies of himself. Sauromugue Champaign (S) F-6 near the wall. D-6 G-4 J-6 Influenced by trading a Shuriken.
Lewenhart. The Eldieme Necropolis (S). H-8  ? F-5 Influenced by trading a Holy Water.
Maat assisted by Degenhard. East Ronfaure (S) K-4, North Gustaberg (S) J-7, or West Sarutabaruta (S) I-6. 3 4 K-5 Influenced by trading any of the 15 present day mainland job testimonies.
Maruna-Kurina. Southern San d'Oria (S) (M-7), Windurst Waters (S) (L-5).  ? F-8 L-5 Influenced speaking to him as a Scholar.
Poroggo Prince assisted by 3 Poroggo Servant's. Influencing target "Poroggo Servant" in West Sarutabaruta (S) either F-11, or F-4 in front of the tower. N/A N/A N/A Influenced by trading Lufaise Fly's to the Poroggo Servant NPC.
Rainemard Jugner Forest (S) either G-5 near the Lake, or L-6 I-5  ? Influenced by speaking to him as a Red Mage
Rongo-Nango assisted by Lerren, Jajaro, Popochu, Papako, and Momowa. H-5 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S), other locations possible.Verification Needed I-9 E-9 5 Influenced by trading any Beastmaster jugs.
Titania assisted by 9 Faeries. Influence target: the Fey Spring at F-6 of Grauberg (S). N/A N/A N/A Speculated to be influenced by trading Bottled Pixies to the Fey Spring in Grauberg (S).Verification Needed
Ulla assisted by Kilhwch, and AlfonsVerification Needed. Original position seems to have been her default Bastok position.Verification Needed G-10 E-11 G-7 Influenced by trading a type of flower to her. Acceptable are Red Rose, Asphodel, and several others.

Beastmen Freelancers

There are also several Beastmen employed freelance NPC's.

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