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Category:Seekers of Adoulin Missions

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Seekers of Adoulin
Chapter Number Mission Name Type Reward
The Sacred City of Adoulin
Chapter 1 1-1 Rumors from the West Cutscene
1-2 The Geomagnetron Quest
1-3 Onward to Adoulin Cutscene
1-4 Heartwings and the Kindhearted Cutscene
1-5 Pioneer Registration Cutscene 1,000 Bayld
1-6 Life on the Frontier Quest Wildskeeper Reive Access
1-7 Meeting of the Minds Cutscene
1-8 Arciela Appears Again Cutscene
The Ancient Pact
Chapter 2 2-1 Budding Prospects Cutscene
2-1-1 The Light Shining in Your Eyes Cutscene
2-1-2 The Heirloom Cutscene
2-2 An Aimless Journey Quest
2-2-1 Ortharsyne Cutscene
2-2-2 In the Presence of Royalty Quest
2-3 The Twin World Trees Cutscene
2-4 Honor and Audacity Cutscene
2-4-1 The Watergarden Coliseum Cutscene
2-5 Friction and Fissures Cutscene
2-5-1 The Celennia Memorial Library Quest
2-5-2 For Whom Do We Toil? Quest
2-6 Aiming for Ygnas Cutscene
2-6-1 Calamity in the Kitchen Cutscene
2-6-2 Arciela's Promise Cutscene
2-7 Predators and Prey Cutscene
2-7-1 Behind the Sluices BCNM
2-7-2 The Leafkin Monarch Cutscene
2-7-3 Yggdrasil Cutscene
Shadows Upon Adoulin
Chapter 3 3-1 Return of the Exorcist Cutscene
3-1-1 The Merciless One Cutscene Access to Ingrid Trust
3-1-2 A Curse from the Past Quest
3-1-3 The Purgation Cutscene
3-1-4 The Key Cutscene
3-2 The Princess's Dilemma Cutscene
3-2-1 Dark Clouds Ahead Cutscene
3-2-2 The Smallest of Favors Cutscene
3-3 Summoned by Spirits Cutscene
3-3-1 Evil Entities Cutscene
3-3-2 Adoulin Calling Cutscene
3-3-3 The Disappearance of Nyline Cutscene
3-3-4 Shared Consciousness Cutscene 1,000 Bayld
1,000 Experience/Limit Points
3-3-5 Clear Skies Cutscene 100 Bayld
3-4 The Man in Black Cutscene
3-4-1 To the Victor... Cutscene
3-4-2 An Extraordinary Gentleman Cutscene
3-4-3 The Order's Treasures Cutscene
3-4-4 August's Heirloom Cutscene
3-5 Beauty and the Beast Cutscene
3-5-1 Wildcat with a Gold Pelt Cutscene
3-5-2 In Search of Arciela Cutscene
3-5-3 Looking For Leads Cutscene
3-6 Drifting Northwest Cutscene
3-6-1 Kumhau, the Flashfrost Naakual Cutscene
3-6-2 Soul Siphon Cutscene
3-6-3 Stonewalled BCNM 15,000 Bayld each for repeat fights
3-6-4 Salvation Cutscene
3-6-5 Glimmer of Portent Cutscene
The Serpentine Labyrinth
Chapter 4 4-1 ...Into the Fire Cutscene
4-1-1 Melvien de Malecroix Cutscene
4-1-2 Courier Catastrophe Quest
4-1-3 Done and Delivered Cutscene
4-1-4 Ministerial Whispers Cutscene
4-1-5 A Day in the Life of a Pioneer Cutscene
4-2 Lighting the Way Cutscene
4-2-1 Sajj'aka Cutscene
4-2-2 Studying Up Cutscene
4-2-3 A Vow of Truth Cutscene
4-2-4 Darrcuiln Cutscene
4-3 The Gates BCNM
4-3-1 Morimar Cutscene
4-3-2 A New Force Arises Quest
4-3-3 The Sacred Sapling Cutscene
4-3-4 Tree Grafting Cutscene
4-3-5 A Shrouded Canopy Cutscene Leafallia Access
4-3-6 Leafallia Cutscene
4-3-7 Rosulatia's Promise Cutscene
4-3-8 The Lightsland Cutscene 500 Experience Points
One of the following:
Adoulin's Refuge
Ygnas's Resolve
Arciela's Grace
4-3-9 The Light of Dawn Comes from the East Cutscene
4-4 Cries from the Deep Cutscene
4-4-1 Seeds of Doubt Cutscene
4-4-2 The Tomatoes of Wrath Cutscene
4-4-3 A Grave Mistake Quest
4-4-4 An Emergency Convocation Cutscene
4-5 Balamor, the Deathborne Xol Cutscene
4-5-1 Anagnorisis Cutscene
4-5-2 Just the Thing Cutscene
4-5-3 Sugarcoated Salvation Cutscene
4-5-4 Arciela's Resolve Cutscene
4-6 Balamor's Ruse Quest & BCNM 20,000 Bayld each for repeat fights
4-6-1 The Charlatan Cutscene 500 Experience Points
One of the following:
Adoulin's Refuge +1
Ygnas's Resolve +1
Arciela's Grace +1
4-6-2 Royal Blessings Cutscene
Chapter 5 5-1 Arboreal Rumors Cutscene
5-1-1 Arciela's Missive Cutscene
5-1-2 Heroes, Unite! Cutscene
5-1-3 A Portent Most Ominous Cutscene
5-2 Yggdrasil Beckons BCNM 20,000 Bayld each for repeat fights
5-2-1 Returning to the Trees Cutscene
5-2-2 The Key to the Turris Cutscene
5-3 Teodor's Summons Cutscene
5-3-1 The Seventh Guardian Cutscene
5-3-2 Watery Grave BCNM 20,000 Bayld each for repeat fights
Ability to obtain Prototype sigil pearl
5-3-3 Blood for Blood Cutscene
5-4 Reckoning BCNM 20,000 Bayld each for repeat fights
5-4-1 Abomination BCNM 25,000 Bayld each for repeat fights
5-5 Undying Light Cutscene
5-5-1 The Light Within Cutscene--Finale Councilor's Cuffs
Councilor's Garb
One of the following:
Adoulin Ring
Gorney Ring
Haverton Ring
Janniston Ring
Karieyh Ring
Orvail Ring
Renaye Ring
Shneddick Ring
Thurandaut Ring
Vocane Ring
Weatherspoon Ring
Woltaris Ring
Epilogue Quest 1 The Ygnas Directive Records of Eminence Quests 30,000 Experience Points
18,000 Sparks of Eminence
Delegate's Cuffs
Delegate's Garb
50 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld
Ygnas's insignia
One of the following:
Adoulin Ring +1
Gorney Ring +1
Haverton Ring +1
Janniston Ring +1
Karieyh Ring +1
Orvail Ring +1
Renaye Ring +1
Shneddick Ring +1
Thurandaut Ring +1
Vocane Ring +1
Weatherspoon Ring +1
Woltaris Ring +1
Quest 2 The Arciela Directive Records of Eminence Quests 1,000 Sparks of Eminence
5,000 Experience Points
50 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld
Ygnas's leaf
Trust: Ygnas
  • Cutscene: A mission that is entirely or almost entirely cutscenes.
  • Quest: A mission that involves a lot of running around and cutscenes.
  • Dungeon: A mission that takes place mostly in a dungeon, such as Promyvion or Sacrarium.
  • Fight: A mission that mostly involves one or many NM fights.
  • BCNM: A mision that is either solely a BCNM, or culminates in a BCNM fight. Usually referenced along with Dungeon-type missions.

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