Shanarha Grass Conservation

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Leujaoam Sanctum
Shanarha Grass Conservation
 Staging Point:  Leujaoam Sanctum
 Start NPC: Yahsra in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9/L-10)
 Assault Rank: Lance Corporal
 Objective: Rabbits are sending shanarha grass, unique to the Leujaoam Sanctum, to the verge of extinction. Drive away the rabbits and protect the vegetation.
 Mission Orders: Protect the vegetation.
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  Lvl. 50
 Assault Points:
  • 1 Member: 1333
  • 2 Members: 1333
  • 3 Members: 1333
  • 4 Members: 1200
  • 5 Members: 1066
  • 6 Members: 933


Level Name Zone Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
Decent Challenge Coney Leujaoam Sanctum No Yes


None 20


  • The Conies do not aggro.
  • The Conies link by sight and have a reasonably large field of vision, be very careful of mass links.
  • From the entrance at (I-9) about half the mobs will run north and half will run south, stopping to destroy the vegetation as they go.
  • Similarly to the rabbits in Uleguerand Range, these rabbits will use Snow Cloud rather than Dust Cloud, inflicting Paralyze rather than Blind.
  • Conies do not show up on Widescan.


Kill all 20 of the Conies.

  • You begin at (I-9), as do all 20 of the Conies. Shortly after the Assault begins they will split and start moving North and South.
  • Sometimes the rabbits will run away while engaged, eventually deaggroing. Note that if they run past other rabbits they will link on to you.
  • You may want to wait a little at the start to pull to avoid a mass link, try to pull from the back of the train of rabbits moving one way or the other.
  • The more vegetation remaining at the end the more points you recieve.


Ancient Lockbox
Hi-Potion +2
 ??? Box
Gardenia Seed
Ice Crystal
Lamp Marimo
White Rock
 ??? Sash
Deductive Gold Obi
Enthralling Gold Obi
Little Worm Belt
Lugworm Belt
Silver Obi +1
Storm Belt
Talisman Obi


Assault Map

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