Sharpening the Sword

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Sharpening the Sword
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 40+ Paladin
Starting NPC Ailbeche, Northern San d'Oria (J-8)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description The boy needs a whetstone to sharpen an old blade. Find one for him in Ordelle's Caves.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Father and Son A Boy's Dream
Ordelle whetstone
Honor Sword


  • Speak with Ailbeche to begin the quest.
  • Enter Ordelle's Caves from the entrance in La Theine Plateau position (F-7).
    • Taking the survival guide to Ordelle's Caves is the fastest route.
  • Examine the Stalagmite at (H-10) on the second map to pop the NM Polevik an Earth Elemental.
  • Defeat the Polevik, then examine the Stalagmite to obtain the key item: Ordelle whetstone.
  • Return to Ailbeche to end the quest and receive your reward.

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