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Location: Reisenjima - (F-12)
Description: Sells items for Escha Silt
  • Shiftrix requires 10 Silt to allow the player to purchase items from him.
    • A Map of Reisenjima can be purchased for 50 Silt.
    • A Reaper - a key item for harvesting which can be lost - can be purchased for 50 silt.
    • Tribulens - Starting at 1000 silt this item is required for all members to spawn Notorious Monsters in Escha. Price increases with successive purchase and decreases after 30 minutes.
    • Radialens - Costing 10,000 silt this item functions the same as a tribulens except it is not consumed after spawning a Nortorious Monster in Escha. It is instead good for one hour of spawning monsters and is lost after one hour since you received it or upon changing zones.
    • Mollifier - Costing 500 silt this item prevents lottery spawn notorious monsters from spawning upon defeating normal monsters in Escha.
    • Vorseals - Various one-time purchase enhancements that last for 1 hour after each reentry into zone.
  • Shiftrix sells a variety of key items for popping Geas Fete notorious monsters. In order to obtain a key item he will require various items ranging from various synthesized items to drops from Unity and even Delve notorious monsters. The player will trade him the items and select the desired key item.
    • See here for a concise list of the notorious monsters and the items required for purchasing their pop items.

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