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Sigil icon.png

Available from Campaign NPCs:
NPC Name Zone Position
Miliart, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (S) (L-9)
Millard, I.M. Bastok Markets (S) (G-5)
Mindala-Andola, C.C. Windurst Waters (S) (G-5)
  • Similar to Signet, with a green icon. By itself allows players to obtain crystals from enemies fought within nation controlled areas. Additional bonuses can be stacked together for 50 Allied Notes each.
  • Initially Sigil lasts for 3 hours and 15 minutes (Earth hours). Each additional medal you hold lengthen the duration by 15 minutes.
  • Additional Sigil options: Latent Regen, Latent Refresh, Increased Meal Duration as well as the following:
    • You will not lose TP while resting.
    • The rate at which HP is recovered while resting is increased.
    • Increased defense and evasion against attacks from (only) your current claimed target if it is an Even Match or weaker.
  • A bonus Sigil option of reduced Experience loss upon KO can be chosen if the Freelance NPC Titania is allied to your nation.
Auto-Refresh and Regen latent effect from Sigil activates based upon how many areas your nation controls:
Controlled Areas Regen HP Cap Refresh MP Cap
0 45% 35%
1 50% 40%
2 55% 45%
3 60% 50%
4 65% 55%
5 70% 60%
6 75% 65%
7 80% 70%
8 85% 75%
9 90% 80%
10 95% 85%

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