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Spell Information
 Job:  All Jobs
 Level Obtained:  Level 1
 Duration:  Varies with Nation Conquest Rank


  • Signet is available from the following NPCs:

Flying Axe, I.M. - Port Bastok (L-7)
Rabid Wolf, I.M. - Bastok Markets (E-11)
Crying Wind, I.M. - Bastok Mines (H-10)
Glarociquet, T.K. - Metalworks (H-9) [San d'Orian Embassy, San d'Orians only]
Lexun-Marixun, W.W. - Metalworks (I-7) [Windurstian Embassy, Windurstians only]

San d'Oria:
Arpevion, T.K. - Southern San d'Oria (L-10)
Aravoge, T.K. - Southern San d'Oria (F-10)
Achantere, T.K. - Northern San d'Oria (C-8)
Yevgeny, I.M. - Northern San d'Oria (K-10) [Bastokan Embassy, Bastokans only]
Chapal-Aful, W.W. - Northern San d'Oria (H-9) [Windurstian Embassy, Windurstians only]

Milma-Hapila, W.W. - Port Windurst (B-4)
Puroiko-Maiko, W.W. - Windurst Waters (G-5)
Harara, W.W. - Windurst Woods (K-10)
Sachetan, I.M. - Port Windurst (E-5) [Bastokan Embassy, Bastokans only]
Panoquier, T.K. - Windurst Woods (G-10) [San d'Orian Embassy, San d'Orians only]

Morlepiche - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-10)
Alrauverat - Lower Jeuno (F-11)
Kochahy-Muwachahy - Port Jeuno (K-8)
Emitt - Upper Jeuno (F-5)

In addition, any zone which has been conquered by a particular nation (you can see these by looking in your menu at Region Info -> Conquest) will have a Conquest Guard for that zone. They are recognizable by the nation title they bear: I.M. for Bastok, T.K. for San d'Oria, and W.W. for Windurst. Usually, they are just inside the zone line, and additionally there will be one at the Region Outpost. You can use this guard to set your homepoint or cast signet on you.

  • The duration of Signet is directly affected by your personal Nation Rank and your Nation's Conquest Rank (A player with Rank 5 whose nation is in 2nd place will have a Signet duration of 7 hours).
  • Having Signet effect while hunting in areas other than those associated with the Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess expansions will earn you Conquest Points. You can turn in your Conquest Points for special items. Signet effect also allows you to collect crystals from the monsters that you kill in these same areas, provided they are Easy Prey or higher.
  • The following items grant Signet effect:

Federation Signet Staff - Windurstians
Kingdom Signet Staff - San d'Orians
Republic Signet Staff - Bastokans

These staffs are all available from Conquest Guards for 5000 Conquest Points and require Nation Rank 10. They are listed under "Common Items".