Silence (Status)

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Silence prevents the casting of any spells, songs, or summoning of any avatars.

How to inflict Silence

Name Type Notes
Silence Enfeebling Magic Element: Wind
Water Bomb Blue Magic Element: Water AoE
Radiant Breath Blue Magic Element: Light Conal. Also inflicts Slow
Silent Storm Blue Magic Element: Wind AoE
Bad Breath Blue Magic Element: Earth Conal. Also inflicts Slow, Poison, Paralyze, Gravity, Blind, Bind
Auroral Drape Blue Magic Element: Wind AoE. Also inflicts Blind
Chaotic Eye Blue Magic Element: Wind Gaze attack
Guillotine Weapon Skills Scythe. DRK main only
Tachi: Gekko Weapon Skills Great Katana. SAM main only

Monster Abilities which inflict Silence

Ability Family
Ability Family

How to remove Silence




Resistance Information

Additional Notes

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