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Status Icon depicting Slow
Slow reduces the host's melee attack rate and increases spell recast timers.

How to inflict Slow

Name Type Notes
Slow Enfeebling Magic Caps at ~29.3%
Slow II Enfeebling Magic Caps at ~39.06% (5 merits)
Hojo: Ichi Ninjutsu ~14.6%
Hojo: Ni Ninjutsu ~19.5%
Sprout Smack Blue Magic 15%
Filamented Hold Blue Magic

Monster Abilities which inflict Slow

Ability Family
Sprout Smack Sapling
Ability Family
Filamented Hold Diremite

How to remove Slow


  • Erase
  • Haste (Note: Haste will overwrite lower tier Slow effects but will be blocked by higher tier Slow effects).



Resistance Information

Additional Notes

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