Smoke on the Mountain

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Smoke on the Mountain
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Hungry Wolf - Metalworks (G-9)
Pack None
Title Hot Dog
Repeatable Yes
Description Hungry Wolf wants you to bring him a Galkan sausage, a dish that his co-worker, Offa, told him was marvelously delectable.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Galkan Sausage
300 gil


  • Speak to Hungry Wolf to start the quest.
  • Obtain a Giant Sheep Meat from Auction House (or kill a few sheep near the Goblin camp fire for it to drop when you get there).
  • Travel to South Gustaberg (K-9) to find a Goblin campfire (???). (To find this, look on your map, find the small hill on K-9, but proceed to the area directly south of the hill, at the top of K-10, you'll see a ramp to go up the hill. It's pretty well blended in with the surroundings so just keep an eye open for it)
  • Trade the Giant Sheep Meat to the campfire and it'll start to cook it.
  • Wait for a minute (Earth time). DO NOT ZONE OUT or you will have to repeat the steps again.
  • After the required wait time, check the campfire again and it will drop a Galkan Sausage into your inventory (so make sure you have inventory room)
  • Trade sausage to Hungry Wolf to complete quest.

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