Smokescreen I (W)

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Windurst-Flag.jpg Smokescreen I (W)
 Campaign Type:  Offensive operations
 Start NPC: Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) - (H-9)
 Campaign Rank: Bronze Ribbon of Service §
 Objective: Join a campaign battle and assist in our nation's siege of a Yagudo stronghold.
 Time Limit:    Recommended Lv.  


  • After accepting mission, wait until a Yagudo-controlled territory is under a campaign battle.
  • Once one of those territories is under campaign, warp there and join the fray!
  • After the campaign is over, you will immediately be rewarded with 110 experience points.
  • Speak to Emhi Tchaoryo to receive your allied note reward and complete the campaign op.


  • You will fail the mission if you do a campaign that doesn't fit the criteria (or maybe joining a fitting campaign, but not doing any damage/healing). Verification Needed

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