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Upon defeating a monster anywhere in Ulbuka, there is a small chance that a Soul Pyre will appear. Soul Pyres appear as small glimmers on ground and, especially because there is no name above them, may be easy to pass over. While Pyres typically contain a small amount of bayld (~50), there is a small chance that they can contain items, including various crafting materials or simulacrum segments. In Dho Gates, Marjami Ravine, and Yorcia Weald, the pyres can also contain one of the job-specific capes typically acquired through Reive battles. Upon clicking the soul pyre, it will tell you what it is concealing without any necessary further actions. Pyres can also be destroyed which will give the player 5 Bayld.

Unlocking the Pyre

To obtain the contents of a Soul Pyre, a mini-game must be completed. You have 5 attempts to examine the contents of the Soul Pyre and will only receive the item if the distortion level is 0% upon examination, which occurs only when the pyre is examined from one very small location within the radius from which the Soul Pyre can be examined. The distortion level changes based upon the distance from the correct location, with a higher distortion value further from the correct location. Due to the numerous possibilities, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the necessary location within 5 attempts. Thankfully, an unlimited amount of Soul Spectacles can be used to view the distortion level without consuming any of your 5 chances, but one will be expended upon each use.

Note that Soul Pyres can only be examined and unlocked by a player who was in the party/alliance which defeated the monster from which the Soul Pyre was created.


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