Streetsweeper I (B)

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Bastok-Flag.jpg Streetsweeper I (B)
 Campaign Type:  Security
 Start NPC: Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) - (E-8)
 Campaign Rank: Bronze Ribbon of Service §
 Objective: Quadav spies have infiltrated Bastok and planted instruments of mass destruction and/or mayhem (IMDaoMs) in various discreet locations. You are to patrol the capital and remove and hazardous materials you encounter.
 Time Limit:  None  Recommended Lv.  Any


  • After talking to the Campaign Ops NPC, you are to scour Bastok Markets (S) for a clickable point called "Suspicious Object"
  • The Suspicious Object seems to spawn anywhere in Bastok Markets (S) and once someone touches it, it disappears immediately.
  • The Suspicious Object respawns immediately in a different location. So far the point can appear at:
  • (F-8)
  • (L-8)
  • (L-9)
  • (H-4)
  • (E-10) - In front of the Armor Shop
  • (E-11)
  • (I-4) - 3 in here, two near the boxes and one towards the back of a tent.
  • (J-10) - Next to Dunbaff.
  • (G-4) - There are two here. One is just behind the I.M., and the other is against the wall.
  • After obtaining the object, you will obtain experience points and get a message that you quota has been met. After this occurs, go back to the Campaign Ops NPC and collect your Allied Notes.

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