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Summoning Magic is a general magic category available only to summoner which includes spells that summon into existence avatars or elemental spirits that the summoner can control.

Summoning Magic skill determines various aspects of:

While only the act of summoning avatars and elemental spirits is effectively "summoning magic," the use of Blood Pact: Rage and Blood Pact: Ward can also raise your Summoning Magic Skill.

Summoning Magic spells

Summoning magic spells are divided into two general categories: avatars and elemental spirits. The summoning spell is the act of summoning the avatar or spirit, not actions performed by the avatar or spirit. The act of summoning itself has no MP cost, although there is an ongoing perpetuation cost per tick associated with an active avatar or spirit. Elemental spirits are learned through obtaining and utilizing the associated spirit pact item. Aside from Carbuncle, who is automatically obtained upon unlocking Summoner, Avatars must be acquired through completing the associated avatar prime trial battlefield. All avatars and elemental spirits are available at level 1, with the exceptions of Alexander and Odin who can only be summoned under the effect of Astral Flow at level 75 or beyond.

Avatars have access to Blood Pact: Rage and Blood Pact: Ward abilities, while elemental spirits cast various spells associated with their element. The amount of spells and abilities available to the summon increase with the summoner's level (see individual avatar or elemental spirit pages for information about their available spells and abilities).

Summon Element Level Required
Carbuncle GUI.png Carbuncle Light-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Cait Sith GUI.png Cait Sith Light-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Alexander GUI.png Alexander Light-SMN-Icon.gif 75 Two-Hour.png
Ifrit GUI.png Ifrit Fire-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Shiva GUI.png Shiva Ice-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Garuda GUI.png Garuda Wind-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Titan GUI.png Titan Earth-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Ramuh GUI.png Ramuh Thunder-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Leviathan GUI.png Leviathan Water-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Fenrir GUI.png Fenrir Dark-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Diabolos GUI.png Diabolos Dark-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Atomos GUI.png Atomos Dark-SMN-Icon.gif 75
Odin GUI.png Odin Dark-SMN-Icon.gif 75 Two-Hour.png
Elemental Spirits
Summon Element Level Required
Light Spirit Light-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Fire Spirit Fire-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Ice Spirit Ice-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Air Spirit Wind-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Earth Spirit Earth-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Thunder Spirit Thunder-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Water Spirit Water-SMN-Icon.gif 1
Dark Spirit Dark-SMN-Icon.gif 1
The level of an avatar or spirit is equal to the summoner's level, except at level 99 where certain pieces of equipment can raise the avatar's level further, to correspond with the Item Level increase of adventurers' equipment:

Convocaller icon.png Convocaller: Level +7 (106)
Dashavatara Sachet icon.png Dashavatara Sachet: Level +14 (113)
Eminent Sachet icon.png Eminent Sachet: Level +16 (115)
Idaraaja icon.png Idaraaja: Level +18 (117)
Arasy Sachet icon.png Arasy Sachet: Level +20 (119)
Seraphicaller icon.png Seraphicaller: Level +20 (119)
Sancus Sachet icon.png Sancus Sachet: Level +20 (119)
Sancus Sachet +1 icon.png Sancus Sachet +1: Level +20 (119)

Campestres's Cape icon.png Campestres's Cape: Level +1

Nirvana (Incomplete) icon.png Nirvana (Level 119/II/III): Level +2

Summoning Magic Skill caps by job

Job Grade Level 49 Level 99
SMN A 150 417

Skill's effect on Blood Pact: Rage

Skill's effect on Blood Pact: Ward Duration

  • Blood Pact: Wards have different possible base durations, some of which are enhanced by skill.
    • Instant - Enfeebling and Healing BPs
    • For 1, 2, and 3 minute duration BPs, every 1 Skill over 300 grants an additional second of duration.
    • 15 Minute flat duration - Aerial Armor, Earthen Ward
    • 60 Minute flat duration - Reraise II
      • Job Points for Astral Conduit grant a 1% bonus to duration per job point. This is applied after the skill boost.
      • Unlike other enhancements, Blood Pact: Wards do not suffer any level correction when used on low level party members.
  • Spell potency is fixed and unaffected by Summoning Magic Skill.
    • Typically, it is a function of the player's level.
  • Summoning Magic Skill affects the magic accuracy of enfeebling Blood Pacts.
  • Area of Effects are centered on the Avatar and hits all party members within ~14 yalms.

Equipment Bonuses

  • Summoning magic bonuses on equipment fall into one of two categories:
    • Summoning magic skill bonuses: Directly adds to the player's summoning magic skill (see table below).
    • Summoning magic casting time reduction: Reduces summoning time of all avatars and elemental spirits, stacks with other forms of casting time reduction such as Fast Cast.
      • Carbuncle's Cuffs, with -1 casting time, are the only piece of gear with this stat (reduces casting time by 1 second).

Item Level Slot Jobs Skill
Glyphic Bracers +3 99 Hands SMN 23
Glyphic Bracers +2 99 Hands SMN 21
Glyphic Bracers +1 99 Hands SMN 19
Glyphic Bracers 99 Hands SMN 17
Convoker's Horn 99 Head SMN 15
Convoker's Horn +1 99 Head SMN 15
Summoner's Bracers +2 90 Hands SMN 15
Marduk's Tiara +1 99 Head WHM BRD SMN 12
Anhur Robe 90 Body WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN PUP SCH 12
Kirin's Pole 75 Weapon MNK WHM BLM PLD DRG SMN SCH Augment-Icon.png 4~12
Summoner's Bracers +1 75 Hands SMN 12
Marduk's Crackows +1 99 Feet WHM BRD SMN 11
Marduk's Shalwar +1 99 Legs WHM BRD SMN 11
Hyksos Robe +1 90 Body WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN PUP SCH 11
Augur's Jaseran 79 Body WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN SCH 10
Caller's Doublet +2 89 Body SMN 10
Evoker's Ring 71 Rings SMN 10
Hyksos Robe 90 Body WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN PUP SCH 10
Ngen Seraweels 99 Legs WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU SCH 10
Rubeus Boots 96 Feet WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN SCH 10
Summoner's Bracers 72 Hands SMN 10
Caller's Horn +2 85 Head SMN 9
Caller's Pendant 84 Neck SMN 9
Adhara Crackows 99 Feet WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU 8
Conveyance Cape 99 Back SMN 8
Mystagog Slacks 99 Legs WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU 8
Bokwus Circlet 99 Head WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN SCH GEO 7
Caller's Doublet +1 89 Body SMN 7
Marduk's Tiara 75 Head WHM BRD SMN 7
Summoning Torque 60 Neck All jobs 7
Soulscourge 89 Weapon SMN 7
Tumafyrig 99 Weapon SMN 7
Zenith Pumps +1 73 Feet WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN Augment-Icon.png 1~7
Caller's Horn +1 85 Head SMN 6
Caller's Spats +2 83 Legs SMN 6
Magavan Slops 96 Legs WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU SCH 6
Zenith Pumps 73 Feet WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN Augment-Icon.png 1~6
Andoaa Earring 99 Earrings All jobs 5
Astute Cape 75 Back All jobs 5
Bahamut's Staff 75 Weapon SMN 5
Beacon Cuffs 59 Hands SMN 5
Cimmerian Sash 93 Waist All jobs 5
Elite Beret +1 74 Head WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU SCH 5
Evoker's Horn +1 74 Head SMN 5
Evoker's Horn 60 Head SMN 5
Magician's Mantle 30 Back SMN 5 (Latent)
Marduk's Crackows 75 Feet WHM BRD SMN 5
Marduk's Shalwar 75 Legs WHM BRD SMN 5
Nashira Crackows 75 Feet WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU 5
Oracle's Braconi 72 Legs WHM BLM BRD SMN 5
Patriarch Cane 99 Weapon WHM BLM SMN SCH GEO 5
Elite Beret 74 Head WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU SCH 4
Fervor Ring 87 Rings All jobs 4
Penance Sabots 50 Feet SMN 4
Penance Slops 50 Legs SMN 4
Austere Sabots 50 Feet SMN 3
Austere Slops 50 Legs SMN 3
Caller's Doublet 89 Body SMN 3
Caller's Horn 85 Head SMN 3
Penance Cuffs 50 Hands SMN 3
Penance Hat 50 Head SMN 3
Rho Necklace 75 Neck All jobs 3 (Salvage)
Summoning Earring 35 Earrings All jobs 3
Vox Grip 83 Grips All jobs 3
Austere Cuffs 50 Hands SMN 2
Austere Hat 50 Head SMN 2
Summoning Belt 52 Waist WHM BLM RDM PLD DRK SMN BLU SCH 2


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