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Event Schedule

Edition Campaign Period
2019 Friday, August 4, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Thursday, August 31, at 7:59 a.m.
2020 Friday, August 14, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, August 31, at 7:59 a.m.

Sunbreeze Festival Venues

Sunbreeze Fireworks.png

Fireworks displays, Sunbreeze dances, and other festivities will commence each day at nightfall in the following locations:

Superheroine Stage Show

Only with your spirited show of support can Mighty Maidens Mumor and Uka hope to prevail in their battle against evil! Find out more about how you can lend a hand to our irresistibly adorable heroines by speaking to a moogle posted near the show's venues at the following locations:
San d'Oria Flag.jpg Northern San d'Oria (G-8) / Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Markets (I-7) / Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Walls (G-11)

Interested in the Superheroine Stage Show? You can see Mumor in all her splendor in the following locations:
San d'Oria Flag.jpg Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok Markets (G-8) / Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst Walls (H-10)

Those who aid Mumor in her fight against Ullegore will receive an Agent (♂) / Starlet (♀) costume as well as other rewards! Be the envy of all your friends!

Sunbreeze Agent and Starlet Armor Sets.jpg


  • Speak to the MHMU Moogle in one of the following positions:
  • Travel to the stage area for that city and wait for the performance to begin.
  • Use the /cheer motion, /wave motion, & /clap motion emotes while targeting Mumor to encourage her to use dances. Make a couple of macros alternating these emotes over and over to solo this event. Otherwise you will struggle without a partner.
  • Target Uka and synchronize your dance with Mumor.
  • When Mumor uses "Shining Summer Samba", use the emote /dance1 motion.
  • When Mumor uses "Lovely Miracle Waltz", use the emote /dance2 motion.
  • When Mumor uses "Neo Crystal Jig", use the emote /dance3 motion.
  • When Mumor uses "Super Crusher Jig", use the emote /dance4 motion.
  • Name your dance macros after the corresponding dances to easily preform them. Please use motion after each of them so you aren't "that guy" and spam the chat log needlessly.
  • When you use the proper dance, you will get a message stating that your dancing has been synchronized with Mumor.
  • When Uka reaches 10% she will snap out of her trance and come back to the aid of Mumor.
  • When the performance is over, return to the MHMU Moogle around the corner to receive your prize
  • The prize that you receive may be dependent on how many times your dances were synchronized. With no synchronized dances, you will not receive a prize.
  • 15 to 440 fireworks.
  • If the Moogle tells you that your performance makes you the MVP, you will receive a set of either Agent or Starlet armor.
  • This requires synchronizing all four of Mumor's Firesday Night Fever dances. Even if you failed to sync the previous dances.
Head Agent Hood icon.png Agent Hood Starlet Flower icon.png Starlet Flower
Body Agent Coat icon.png Agent Coat Starlet Jabot icon.png Starlet Jabot
Hands Agent Cuffs icon.png Agent Cuffs Starlet Gloves icon.png Starlet Gloves
Legs Agent Pants icon.png Agent Pants Starlet Skirt icon.png Starlet Skirt
Feet Agent Boots icon.png Agent Boots Starlet Boots icon.png Starlet Boots
  • Upon receiving your Agent or Starlet armor, recompleting the event again with 10+ synced dances will result in the following rewards from the moogle:
  • Participate Mumor's Show while wearing the full Agent or Starlet Armor set. After receiving the message that you are "overflowing with trust" from all 4 successive Firesday Night Fever synchronizes, you will be rewarded with Cipher- Mumor II icon.png Mumor II regardless if you are in possession of Cipher- Mumor icon.png Mumor I.
  • Used to craft a Celestial Globe icon.png Celestial Globe furnishing along with the other two rewards from other Sunbreeze minigames.
  • If you come into the event late and do not have many synced dances, you may save your current amount for the next showing. Assuming you don't zone which will reset progress.

Support Your Heroines!

After the curtain has closed on the Superhroine Stage Show, Mumor, Uka, and either Foudeel, Bashraf, or Wahboud will appear to sell a variety of items for your perusal!
Purchasing items between shows results in faster synchronization with Mumor (a message will be displayed in the chat log to that effect).

Item Name

Price (gil)

Falling Star icon.png Falling Star 125
Shisai Kaboku icon.png Shisai Kaboku 125
Marine Bliss icon.png Marine Bliss 125
Carillon Vermeil icon.png Carillon Vermeil (San d'Oria) 10,000
Aeolsglocke icon.png Aeolsglocke (Bastok) 10,000
Leafbell icon.png Leafbell (Windurst) 10,000

The After Party

Upon receiving your After-party pass from the "Fantastic Fraulein Mumor's Superheroine Show" you may opt to participate in the after party. Which is a battlefield known as Mumor's Encore.

This fight is intended for Item Level >117 players (CL117), and Trusts may not be called.
Any reasonably geared DD sub Ninja for shadows should be able to solo this fight as Ullegore's most threatening aspect is his casting of single target tier 5 elemental magic.

The key item is lost upon entering the battlefield. Upon victory 6 Ullegore Statues will drop. Return to the MHMU Moogle in one of the following positions to receive a Mumor Statue as well:

Ullegore Statue.png Mumor Statue.png

Street Shops

The Superheroine Stage Show is certainly a spectacle to behold, but why limit yourself to sticking to the sidelines? Several minigames are available for you to enjoy in the three locations listed below. "To the victor go the spoils!" – winning a minigame will reward you with some fabulous prizes only available during the Sunbreeze Festival. Act now, before it's too late!
Southern San d'Oria (H-9) / Port Bastok (K-8) / Windurst Woods (K-12)

All minigames cost 10 gil to play each time. While wearing your Agent or Starlet outfit you will be able to play the game in "hard mode".

Completion of "hard mode" in any of the 3 nation's minigames will reward a player with a Comet Fragment icon.png Comet Fragment for crafting their Celestial Globe.

San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria:
The goal is to spot the difference in each scene. Failing means you must start over.

  • Two Elvaan females walking and using emotes. Either their walking speed, turning, or emote will vary.
  • Four Elvaan males doing the "/hurray" emote in pairs. One pair will have different weapons.
  • Six Tarutarus running towards you in pairs. Select the pair that have different hair colors.
  • Two Hume males wearing armor. The camera tilts up, and one of their armor pieces will varies. It may be anything except their leg slot.
  • A large group of varied races. Matching poses will nod in pairs and you need to spot the one shaking their head.
  • A pair of Tarutarus running past a post to the left and right. Each of the pairs will have one Tarutaru with blonde hair and the one with red hair. When the identical tarutarus are facing each other press enter.

Scenes will cycle back. Normal mode requires 7 differences in a row. Hard mode requires 9.

Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok:
Quick Draw McGraw! You have one minute to shoot as many enemies as possible while aboiding hitting a Pixie.
A target will pop up for a briuef moment and you will be prompted to "shoot" or "wait" which will skip to the next target. Shooting a pixie will end the game so choose wait to save time and move to the next target.

You must shoot Sabotenders, Goblins, and Mandragoras.

Normal requires 20 targets hit while hard mode requires 30.

Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst:
Time to pick up chicks! We all know that women don't play FFXI so that means Chocobo chicks.
You will have one minute once again in order to move your chocobo left or right in order to collect the baby chocobos. Beware as there are Mandragora mixed into this as well. Yes, you guessed it; collecting a Mandragora immediately ends the game in failure.

Timing is everything in this game. You will need to get a feel for it, but collecting a chick needs to be done slightly before the line.

Normal requires 20 chicks, and hard mode requires 35.

Piscine Pursuits

As is tradition for the Sunbreeze Festival, the ever popular goldfish scoop will be held once more. Don't let those slippery little buggers get away! Try your hand in the following locations:
West Ronfaure (G-10) / South Gustaberg (E-8) / East Sarutabaruta (H-8) / Rabao (F-7)

Obtaining 60 points from goldfish scooping will reward a player with a Puny Planet Kit icon.png Puny Planet Kit for crafting their Celestial Globe.

NPCs for goldfish scooping may be located in the following locations:


NPC Name

West Ronfaure (G-10)
South Gustaberg (E-8)
"The Fumaroles"
Fish Eyes
East Sarutabaruta (H-8)
"Nompipi River"
Kesha Shopehllok
Rabao (F-7)
"Rabao Spring"

Upon arriving speak with the NPC and choose "I'd like a bowl" to receive a Goldfish Basket icon.png Goldfish Basket. You must then buy Super Scoop icon.png Super Scoops for 100 gil each.

  • Equip the basket and the scoop in your ranged and ammo equipment slots and then get into the water to begin scooping for fish either by typing /fish or selecting fish from the menu.

The following equipment assists with scooping and may be purchased from the moogles at the following locations: Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Bastok Mines (H-8) / Windurst Waters (G-10) / Upper Jeuno (G-7)

Improves the quality of goldfish encountered:

Allows two goldfish to be caught at once:

There are optimal times to catch a goldfish after receiving a message. In general players want to simply wait ~2 seconds after receiving a message. Players will receive two messages before a fish escapes.

  • "A goldfish approaches!"
  • "Hurry, before the goldfish sees you!"

Messages break down per fish in the following manner:


Discovery Message


Best Time to Catch

Tiny Goldfish icon.png Tiny Goldfish A tiny goldfish approaches! 1 2-3 seconds after first message
Blk. Bubble-Eye icon.png Black Bubble-Eye A plump, black goldfish approaches! 2 2-3 seconds after the first message
Lionhead icon.png Lionhead A fat, juicy goldfish approaches! 10 1-2 seconds after the "Hurry!" message
Pearlscale icon.png Pearlscale A fat, juicy goldfish approaches! 30 2-3 seconds after the "Hurry!" message
Calico Comet icon.png Calico Comet A fat, juicy goldfish approaches! 30 2-3 seconds after the "Hurry!" message

Once you have a decent haul, trade your fish back to the NPC to receive your points.

Points may be exchanged for the following:

Game Description


Point Cost

Super Scoop Super Scoop icon.png Super Scoop 5
Bag of fireworks Random fireworks 15
Large Fans Summer Fan icon.png Summer Fans or Festive Fan icon.png Festive Fans (firework) 25
Colored drop Green Drop icon.png Colored Drops

Useless candies that provide their associated stat +5 for 15 minutes.

Mystery box Spirit Masque icon.png Spirit Masque x12 (firework) 50
A stellar surprise Puny Planet Kit icon.png Puny Planet Kit

Used to craft the Celestial Globe (furnishing)

Other mystery box Goldfish Set icon.png Goldfish Set

Used to craft a Goldfish Bowl (furnishing)

Yet another mystery box Varies based on location:

San d'Oria Flag.jpg - Saradorial - White Butterfly icon.png White Butterfly x 1-5
Bastok-Flag.jpg - Fish Eyes - Bell Cricket icon.png Bell Cricket x 1-5
Windurst-Flag.jpg - Kesha Shopehllok - Glowfly icon.png Glowfly x 1-5

  • Mei in Rabao will provide either of the three rewards.

These items are used to create their associated furnishings:
Butterfly Cage icon.png Butterfly Cage
Cricket Cage icon.png Cricket Cage
Glowfly Cage icon.png Glowfly Cage


Moogle Teleportation Service

Adventurers who have equipped the Agent/Starlet armor sets available as a luscious awards from the Superheroine Stage Show need but speak to the moogles located in the following areas to teleport between the three nations at any time.
Southern San d'Oria (I-8) / Port Bastok (L-7) / Windurst Woods (K-10)

Item Vendors

While this year's Sunbreeze festival awards are beyond compare, we know that some of you are itching to get your paws on last year's goodies. Never fear, for the vendors in the following areas will be more than happy to satisfy your desires!
Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Bastok Mines (H-8) / Windurst Waters (G-10)
These intrepid salesmen will be present for a limited time only, so grab your rewards before it's too late!

Visit the aforementioned vendors to purchase various robes and swimsuits for your lockstyling pleasures. Certain outfits may be practical for Goldfish Scooping, or even for a heated Dynamis - Divergence wave 3 battle.

NQ Swimsuits
Male Female Cost (Gil) Male Female Cost (Gil)
Hume GiletHume Gilet description.png Hume TopHume Top description.png 5,000 Elvaan GiletElvaan Gilet description.png Elvaan TopElvaan Top description.png 5,000
Tarutaru MaillotTarutaru Maillot description.png Tarutaru TopTarutaru Top description.png 5,000 Galka GiletGalka Gilet description.png Mithra TopMithra Top description.png 5,000
Hume TrunksHume Trunks description.png Hume ShortsHume Shorts description.png 5,000 Elvaan TrunksElvaan Trunks description.png Elvaan ShortsElvaan Shorts description.png 5,000
Tarutaru TrunksTarutaru Trunks description.png Tarutaru ShortsTarutaru Shorts description.png 5,000 Galka TrunksGalka Trunks description.png Mithra ShortsMithra Shorts description.png 5,000
Custom GiletCustom Gilet description.png Custom TopCustom Top description.png 5,000 Magna GiletMagna Gilet description.png Magna TopMagna Top description.png 5,000
Wonder MaillotWonder Maillot description.png Wonder TopWonder Top description.png 5,000 Elder GiletElder Gilet description.png Savage TopSavage Top description.png 5,000
Custom TrunksCustom Trunks description.png Custom ShortsCustom Shorts description.png 5,000 Magna TrunksMagna Trunks description.png Magna ShortsMagna Shorts description.png 5,000
Wonder TrunksWonder Trunks description.png Wonder ShortsWonder Shorts description.png 5,000 Elder TrunksElder Trunks description.png Savage ShortsSavage Shorts description.png 5,000
Marine GiletMarine Gilet description.png Marine TopMarine Top description.png 5,000 Woodsy GiletWoodsy Gilet description.png Woodsy TopWoodsy Top description.png 5,000
Creek MaillotCreek Maillot description.png Creek TopCreek Top description.png 5,000 Dune GiletDune Gilet description.png River TopRiver Top description.png 5,000
Marine BoxersMarine Boxers description.png Marine ShortsMarine Shorts description.png 5,000 Woodsy BoxersWoodsy Boxers description.png Woodsy ShortsWoodsy Shorts description.png 5,000
Creek BoxersCreek Boxers description.png Creek ShortsCreek Shorts description.png 5,000 Dune BoxersDune Boxers description.png River ShortsRiver Shorts description.png 5,000
Rustic MaillotRustic Maillot description.png Shoal MaillotShoal Maillot description.png 5,000 Rustic TrunksRustic Trunks description.png Shoal TrunksShoal Trunks description.png 5,000
HQ Swimsuits
Male Female Cost (Gil) Male Female Cost (Gil)
Hume Gilet +1Hume Gilet +1 description.png Hume Top +1Hume Top +1 description.png 7,500 Elvaan Gilet +1Elvaan Gilet +1 description.png Elvaan Top +1Elvaan Top +1 description.png 7,500
Taru. Maillot +1Taru. Maillot +1 description.png Tarutaru Top +1Tarutaru Top +1 description.png 7,500 Galka Gilet +1Galka Gilet +1 description.png Mithra Top +1Mithra Top +1 description.png 7,500
Hume Trunks +1Hume Trunks +1 description.png Hume Shorts +1Hume Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Elvaan Trunks +1Elvaan Trunks +1 description.png Elvaan Shorts +1Elvaan Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Taru. Trunks +1Taru. Trunks +1 description.png Taru. Shorts +1Taru. Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Galka Trunks +1Galka Trunks +1 description.png Mithra Shorts +1Mithra Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Custom Gilet +1Custom Gilet +1 description.png Custom Top +1Custom Top +1 description.png 7,500 Magna Gilet +1Magna Gilet +1 description.png Magna Top +1Magna Top +1 description.png 7,500
Wonder Maillot +1Wonder Maillot +1 description.png Wonder Top +1Wonder Top +1 description.png 7,500 Elder Gilet +1Elder Gilet +1 description.png Savage Top +1Savage Top +1 description.png 7,500
Custom Trunks +1Custom Trunks +1 description.png Custom Shorts +1Custom Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Magna Trunks +1Magna Trunks +1 description.png Magna Shorts +1Magna Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Wonder Trunks +1Wonder Trunks +1 description.png Wonder Shorts +1Wonder Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Elder Trunks +1Elder Trunks +1 description.png Savage Shorts +1Savage Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Marine Gilet +1Marine Gilet +1 description.png Marine Top +1Marine Top +1 description.png 7,500 Woodsy Gilet +1Woodsy Gilet +1 description.png Woodsy Top +1Woodsy Top +1 description.png 7,500
Creek Maillot +1Creek Maillot +1 description.png Creek Top +1Creek Top +1 description.png 7,500 Dune Gilet +1Dune Gilet +1 description.png River Top +1River Top +1 description.png 7,500
Marine Boxers +1Marine Boxers +1 description.png Marine Shorts +1Marine Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Woodsy Boxers +1Woodsy Boxers +1 description.png Woodsy Shorts +1Woodsy Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Creek Boxers +1Creek Boxers +1 description.png Creek Shorts +1Creek Shorts +1 description.png 7,500 Dune Boxers +1Dune Boxers +1 description.png River Shorts +1River Shorts +1 description.png 7,500
Rustic Maillot +1Rustic Maillot +1 description.png Shoal Maillot +1Shoal Maillot +1 description.png 7,500 Rustic Trunks +1Rustic Trunks +1 description.png Shoal Trunks +1Shoal Trunks +1 description.png 7,500
Far Eastern Robes
Male Female Cost (Gil) Male Female Cost (Gil)
Onoko YukataOnoko Yukata description.png Omina YukataOmina Yukata description.png 2,500 Lord's YukataLord's Yukata description.png Lady's YukataLady's Yukata description.png 3,750
Otoko YukataOtoko Yukata description.png Onago YukataOnago Yukata description.png 5,000 Otokogimi YukataOtokogimi Yukata description.png Onnagimi YukataOnnagimi Yukata description.png 7,500
Otokogusa YukataOtokogusa Yukata description.png Onnagusa YukataOnnagusa Yukata description.png 10,000 Otokoeshi YukataOtokoeshi Yukata description.png Ominaeshi YukataOminaeshi Yukata description.png 12,500
Hikogami YukataHikogami Yukata description.png Himegami YukataHimegami Yukata description.png 15,000 Kengyu HappiKengyu Happi description.png Shokujo HappiShokujo Happi description.png 15,000
Kengyu HanmomohikiKen. Hanmomohiki description.png Shokujo HanmomohikiSho. Hanmomohiki description.png 15,000

The Green Festival

When both the Green Festival and the Sunbreeze Festival are active, a second Cafe Maid begins to sell special food in Lower Jeuno at the Morbol Cafe (G-9).

Morbol Cafe Maid #2's Wares
Food Cost (Gil)
Cheesesteak SandwichCheesestk. Sand. description.png 3,900
Clam ChowderClam Chowder description.png 3,900
Popoto GratinPopoto Gratin description.png 390
Behemoth SandwichBehemoth Sand. description.png 3,900
Rustic FishRustic Fish description.png 3,900
CornbreadCornbread description.png 390

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