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Sunshine Seeker Guide

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Players quickly learned they could murder all their problems away when it came to this event.
Too bad they didn't realize the monsters wouldn't despawn after death which likely is giving off a foul odor.

Available Items

Getting Started

The Suit Has A Built-In Translator

She flutters about in consternation.

Spreak with Babban Ny Mheillea in one of the following locations:

She will emote at you and hand you the following:

Put them on and speak to her once more to begin the event.


Running of the Mandragora

A Shard of Sunlight.

You will have three minutes to collect Shards of Sunlight and return to Babban Ny Mheillea.

  • You will be level synched to level 1 and warped to a random spot on the map.
  • Shards of sunlight will appear randomly around the zone and give a certain number of shards. Simply click on them as you run by.
    • Wearing the +1 version of the Mandragora Suit set will increase rewards.
      • Wearing one piece will double shards received.
      • Wearing both pieces will quadruple shards received.
  • You may use the Homepoint warps without penalty.
  • You will lose your shards if time runs out or you zone.
    • Time keeps progressing as you begin to talk to Babban Ny Mheillea to select to turn your shards in.

Easy, right? Well SE thought so too so you have several hazards to be cautious of.

Babban Brigade

Babban's buddies are paroling the zone trying to keep the sun all to themselves. Similar to the goblin merrymakers in the Starlight Celebration you may be caught and penalized by these NPCs.

  • The treant Daranch will reduce your time remaining by 15 seconds.
  • The malboro Bryher will inflict gravity.
  • The three mandragora Babbab's Progeny will steal shards.
  • Wearing the +1 version of the Mandragora Suit set will also increase penalties.
    • Wearing one piece will double penalties received.
      • Daranch will reduce time by 30 seconds.
    • Wearing both pieces will tripple penalties received.
      • Daranch will reduce time by 45 seconds.
  • The detection range of the Babban Brigade will increase along with the number of shards stolen with each piece of +1 worn.


Spill Your Seeds

After turning in your Shards of Sunlight to Babban Ny Mheillea she will provide you with Small Seeds.

  • She will exchange shards to seeds at a ratio of 1:2.

You may spend your seeds on the following items:

Fun Bags

Grab bags from Babban are similar to the Gobbie Mystery Box in which she will read you the possibilities of the grab bag and then you will randomly receive one of the prizes.

Potential prizes include:

50 Small Seeds

200 Small Seeds

500 Small Seeds

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