Support: Ceizak Battlegrounds

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Support: Ceizak Battlegrounds
Coalition Couriers' Coalition
Rank Petitioner
Type Frontline Support
Zone Ceizak Battlegrounds
Yahse Hunting Grounds
Objective Bring supplies to a frontline bivouac in Ceizak Battlegrounds or Yahse Hunting Grounds.
Rewards: EXP/Bayld
IMP x1 IMP x2 IMP x3 Treasure
1000 1800 2400
  • Note that the rewards shown above show the range of rewards possible. Delivering supplies to Bivouacs which are more difficult to access will yield additional EXP/Bayld based on the distance from the station and the number of Reives which could potentially block access.


  • Bring the Cei. FB op. materials container to any Bivouac Administrator in the designated area(s) to complete the assignment. The same rewards are given regardless of the zone.

  • Ceizak Battlegrounds
    • Bivouac Administrator #1: Northeast corner of (H-9)
    • Bivouac Administrator #2: Center of (H-7)
    • Bivouac Administrator #3: Southwest corner of (F-9)


  • Due to variable tangled root blockages, the same route used to go to a certain bivouac may not be available constantly.
  • Same rewards were given when turning it into an already built Bivouac.
  • It is advised to turn in at an unbuilt bivouac if possible to help speed up the colonization rate of the area by allowing the bivouac to be built once enough supplies are delivered.
  • Attempting to turn it in to a Bivouac Administrator with the key item broken will result in the message: "I'm terribly sorry, but we can't use broken containers of Ceizak frontier bivouac operations materials."
  • Wide Scan can pick up Bivouac Administrators.
  • The amount of experience points and bayld seem to depend on the location and/or state of the bivouac station (e.g. a sole administrator as opposed to several NPCs nearby). For example, transporting the supplies to Ceizak Battlegrounds Bivouac Station #3 resulted in 3600 experience points and 3600 bayld using 3 imprimaturs rather than 2400 obtained from supplying Station #1.

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