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Survival Guides are floating teleportation books residing in various areas in Vana'diel. They are easily spotted with their erratic vertical movement and their location marker on your map. Once you examine a Survival Guide for the first time, you may warp to it from another guide for a small fee.

The cost of teleportation is either 1,000 Gil or 50 Valor Points (also known as Tabs)

You may sort destinations either by "Region", which is similar to Home Points and Outpost Warps, or by "Continent" otherwise known as "Expansion Pack".

Also available similar to Home Points is a feature to add a Guide to your "Favorites". This lets players easily pick from a list of their top used Guides as the first menu option.

Survival Guides are particularly desirable because of their placement at almost every dungeon main entrance and every regional outpost. This cuts down travel time drastically, and has made Outpost Teleportation nearly obsolete.

Survival Guide Locations

San d'Oria Bastok Windurst Jeuno
Tavnazia West Aht Urhgan Adoulin Isles Ronfaure
Zulkheim Norvallen Gustaberg Derfland
Sarutabaruta Kolshushu Aragoneu Fauregandi
Valdeaunia Qufim Kuzotz Vollbow
style="vertical-align: top; padding: 2px;"| Elshimo Lowlands style="vertical-align: top; padding: 2px;"| Elshimo Uplands Tu'Lia style="vertical-align: top; padding: 2px;"| Li'Telor
Tavnazian Archipelago Mamool Ja Savagelands Halvung Territory Arrapago Islands
The Ronfaure Front The Norvallen Front The Gustaberg Front The Derfland Front
The Sarutabaruta Front The Aragoneu Front The Fauregandi Front The Valdeaunia Front

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