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Sybaritic Samantha

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General Notes

This fight occurs in 3 stages:
Stage 1

  • Initially spawns as Steamy Samantha.
  • Occasionally uses Bad Breath for ~1000 damage.
  • Will immediately use Sweet Breath before despawning at roughly 75% HP.

Stage 2

  • Respawns as Sultry Samantha and immediately uses Bad Breath for ~1500 damage.
    • Respawns in each stage with the remaining HP at the time it despawned.
  • Frequently uses Bad Breath.
  • Occasionally uses Sweet Breath, Impale, and Vampiric Lash.
  • Gains a random and occasional enspell enfeeble effect in this stage from endrain to any of the enfeebles that bad breath may inflict.
  • Will immediately use Sweet Breath before despawning at 45-50% HP.

Stage 3

  • Respawns as Sybaritic Samantha and immediately uses Bad Breath for ~1500 damage.
  • Frequently uses Bad Breath.
  • Can use Bad Breath multiple times back to back without need for tp after initial one (seems to do this in waves of 3).
  • Occasionally uses Sweet Breath, Impale, and Vampiric Lash.
    • Has no activation time.
    • Inflicts large amounts of damage (1000-1600).
  • Procs The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing blue abilities on the monster. and becomes terrorized when players use weaponskills in response to Sybaritic Samantha readying a TP move. (This phase only) The proc is not guaranteed as it seems to only work on either Sweet Breath or Bad Breath.
  • Possesses a powerful regen effect of ~2% HP/tick. When proced, the regen is disabled for the duration of the terror(roughly 20 seconds).
    • Note that all breath attacks are conal and not AOE for all phases. Highly suggest having a paladin or rune fencer tank to mitigate damage effectively from bad breath. During stage shifts, the bad breath will target the person who had targeted hate before despawn. Recommended that all other party members aside tank run away from the NM during despawn/phase shifts to avoid being hit by bad breath.
Sybaritic Samantha
Type Plantoids
Family Morbol
Class NM


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Yuhtunga Jungle
     *Spawn at Ethereal Junction (F-11), (F-10), (I-6),
  • 1,500 Unity Accolades
Bad Breath
Sweet Breath
Vampiric Lash
Level Aggro Link Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
119     FFXIDB Icon v3.png Question Question    
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune

Strategy information

See the Discussion Page for strategy information.

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