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Fight Strategy

Douma Weapon is not exceptional as a single enemy. It possesses high attack power and strong magic resistance. Damage is best dealt through several melee players. Whirl of Rage will be the primary threat to melee and can deal in excess of 800 damage. The Douma Weapon will often use Whirl of Rage twice in a row, spawning the Katashiro Weapons.

Katashiro Weapons will spawn within seconds after the Douma Weapon uses Whirl of Rage. Attempts to impede the use of the move including Amnesia are ineffective. The Katashiro Weapons have about 2000 hp and have lower magic resistance then the Douma Weapon. The Katashiro Weapon can cast Tier IV black magic spells, but also have the ability to use weaponskills without gaining appropriate TP. Left unchecked, the adds will weaponskill together for 800-1000+ on ilevel 119 mages. Katashiro Weapons will disappear and reappear at their targets after several seconds, often opening with a TP move. Quickly killing the Katashiro Weapons upon spawning can be done by a strong AoE weaponskill or magic spell.

Douma Weapon likely has more than 100,000 hp. A party of six is recommended. -- Someone on the main page, moved to talk page --Spicyryan (talk) 01:17, 8 May 2016 (UTC)

I was able to solo this with trusts on BLU. Prioritize aoe nukes on adds as soon as they spawn and its fairly easy. I did die a few times learning and once in a while you just get unlucky on timing and die, but im usually looking for a way to burn unity points anyway. Davecus (talk)

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