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New stuff goes at the end, please mark it clearly, and I'll integrate it into the main document, thanks for the help guys.


Here's the working copy so far:


Garuda is a server: Blah blah blah.. more overview types of stuff.

Garuda's Playerbase has given rise to a number of notable things for example:

Pre CoP Garuda

This will be a running narrative about the story of early garuda. We will try to go in chronological order and list out as each linkshell rose/fell into power, also noting notable characters who rose up along the way. At least that's the running plan.

The narrative will end when we get to the Mid Garuda section (Release of CoP roughly), where we will continue to the narrative.

In the beginning

(*Note all of this information is from the north american perspective, I'd be tickled PINK to have a bi-lingual japanese player come fill in their side of the story)

Garuda started out like many other FFXI servers in the NA launch.

Rise of Large Social Ls's

CherryBlossom, otherwise known as the first Garudian NA HNMLS

Everything starts to splinter, HNMLS Wars

Being bad is fun, Uberlink and MpkCriminalMpk

Notable Early HNMLS


  • Leader: Riaky
  • Co-leader Sevenseas?
  • First NA HNMLS


  • Founded after some drama in CherryBlossom over Sevenseas getting a Dalmatica from Aspi, which Opeth and many others felt to be undeserved.
  • Opeth left CB, and many of his supporters followed.
  • First NA HNMLS to defeat Kirin. (Sep 12, 2004. Took 4 hours and 20 minutes!) Strategy was to Run Kirin out of mp, which worked, albeit somewhat painfully.


  • Leaders: vaguely remember... but don't wanna post unless I'm sure.


  • Leader: Tonks
  • Tonks = DRAMALAMA!!! Quits with LSbank supposedly etc etc.

Coloration → Divertissant (I think?)

  • Leader: Pyotale


  • Leader: Payon


  • Leader: Virgil


  • Leader: Shosho

Heartless (or something, they had a black pearl) → PhoenixDown

  • Leader: Mrzifiear

Tup's linkshell the one disbanded after the drama that ensued stealing lolRoc's from another LS



  • Leader:
  • Co-Leader: Syphon

Kanzensakura → Persistence (I can't believe I forgot to add this.. and I was in PS!)

  • Leader: Ishmaela
  • Co-leader: Kwijiboe

Notable Early Dynamis LS

Luminaries (Arwin's?), Burrito (Gov's), Everlastingsky (reborn - Galadriel's). (pretty sure QV people had a pearl with a different name for Dynamis, ask Hilander --SearainGaruda 05:45, 27 September 2007 (CDT))

Notable Early Social LS

Leaders: Eriwilde

  • Triumvirate

Leaders: Ganga

  • Mako

Leaders: Minako & Serra Formed within hours of NA release, the Mako pearl has been worn by various famous Garudians throughout the years until it finally broke two years later. Serra is still the owner of, a forum dedicated to the casual players of Garuda.

  • OmegaTurks

Leader: Sirus

  • TheMonfia

Leader: Kukukiki

  • TotalLosers

Leaders: Pansy, Jamaz

  • Uberlink


  • Mxer, Syphon, Superthug

The original rockstars of Garuda. They were very vocal players on many of the popular FFXI forums at that time, and were well known all throughout Garuda. They were core members of Uberlink, and played in the game a style of being foils to people. They didn't accept people's attitudes, and would very efficiently and scathingly put them in thier place as publically as possible.

Notabale Thread from the three:

  • Mango
 (Why is Mango here anyway? Garuda's #1 eWhore? --Rai)
  • Riaky/Sevenseas

Brothers who can really be credited with the foundation of the NA HNMLS scene on Garuda. He has been described as a really great guy.. to his linkshell members, but brusque at best to outsiders. However, looking past that these two have been involved in some of the most successful linkshells that Garuda has ever seen, so thier contributions cannot be ignored.

  • Governor

Quite possibly the most famous person that Garuda ever spawned, governor has been involved in most of the major HNMLS at one point or another, often in leadership or advisory roles. He later changed his name to Kongming to avoid some of the scrutiny he was gaining as a result. There probably isn't a single old school garudian who doesn't have at least one governor story, whether good or bad. He has recently migrated to Kujata with demo, where the story continues.

  • Opeth
  • Rawb + Sheila
  • MstrBamma
  • Coldcrush

Garuda #1 PRO

Pre ToAU Garuda

Goodbye MPK

EDI and Persistance, Together and Beyond

The Rise of the Dynamis Shells

KSNM 30 Services

Various Notable Shells


  • Leader: Virgil
  • Co-leader: Emeraldskize (--Llowyn (talk) 15:45, 22 November 2014 (EST))


  • Leader: ishmaela, someone else
  • Co-leader:


  • Leader: Tyraravenlocke
  • Co-leader: Rysa, Fyxation


  • Leader: I forget
  • Co-leader: Jackyl right?


  • Leader: Gatelord
  • Co-leader:


  • Leader: Darksky
  • Co-leader:

NeverAfter → GarudaNeverAfter

  • Leader: Hopdevil, someone else took over when he left
  • Co-leader:

Angelus Volaticus

  • Leader: Tyraravenlocke, Sheila, Penance
  • Co-leader: Knightdemon, Fyxation


  • Leader: Tyraravenlocke
  • Co-leader: Fyxation

Bananapandas Should be the correct name, "pandaseatbamboo" was indeed the EDI spinoff --Rai

  • Leader: Gorgarath
  • Co-leader: Starless

Won the be the first shell to Kill the Dynamis lord after EDI/PS race. Much to my own personal sorrow :P Still though congrats to those who made it happen. (-Tyra)

Pre WoTG Garuda

Suddenly the game changes, on the ascendancy of melee

The Decline of the giant HNMLS

Server Migration results in humor, Goodbye Demo

You always need a bad guy, FoE and Enigma

Europe wants to play too, the rise of EU centric linkshells

Various Notable Shells


  • Leader: Debutis
  • Co-leader: Governor

Stealth Vertigo → SapereAude

  • Leader: Xhile, Dankster
  • Co-leader: Jackyl right?

Δ (I swear that was the name of the shell, it's like the Prince of Garudan HNMLS's --SearainGaruda 06:47, 26 September 2007 (CDT))

  • Leader: Wwcc
  • Co- Leader:


  • Leader: LordDocster
  • Co-leader: Vlacatocc

Originally from the Hydra XBOX360 beta server, these UK-based players came to Garuda via a gold worldpass and never looked back.


  • Leader: Aesica
  • Co-leader:

Post WoTG Garuda

This is a placeholder which will begin to be filled out once WoTG's impact has been felt on the server.

Information Page

  • various Linkshell homepages listed here.

FusionOfExcellence → Enigma

  • Leader: Segun ---- That's the Paladin
  • Co-leader Xatsh

This is the CUT! Anything below this has not be integrated into the overall document yet.

Other stuff:

  • Maybe: Setheron + Darkwind + Narusegawa, Anna,

Added the "Maybe" part cuz the list shouldn't be tooooo huge. Really only need prominent people who actually did enough that was noteworthy.

Regarding time definitions...

I think "Early Garuda" needs an item covering Persistance / EDI's founding since both happened more than half a year before CoP release, even though they technically weren't HNMLS but rather sky LS at that point.

Oh, and you forgot Uberlink / Mako (social LS) and Universus, the best friggin' HNMLS Garuda ever saw! (mind the sarcasm)

Rai 12:05, 24 September 2007 (CDT)


I absolutely agree, I simply didn't quite know the exact chronological order of it all, but yeah.. please keep stuff coming.


UBERLINK! That's the one I was trying to remember. Thank you. Is that Raiko?

--Jasinde 12:56, 24 September 2007 (CDT)


Yeah, signed up as "Rai" to match my BG forum account. Currently still learning this whole wiki stuff so I'm not gonna be editing much at the moment. Don't want to break things D:

Rai 13:28, 24 September 2007 (CDT)


Heh.. busy day at work or I'd be editing in more.. but when I get home I'll try to rustle up some people and work on it more.

Note the section above here is what Jasi is working on, its going to go into the Early Garuda Section


It's okay, I'm having fun! Weee!

--Jasinde 14:16, 24 September 2007 (CDT)

Nice! I remember some of these... hopefully i'll be able to help a bit. ~Darkdoom


Working now on fleshing out the sections as I see them, work will start on actually filling them in sometime tomorrow, as I get the right people involved. - Tyra


I threw some things in, fixed a few others. I'll do more when I get bored at work. -Rhea

Fixed a couple imprecisions and added a few links (random stuff like Fantazia, Kanzensakura, Shosho, Payon being leader of Illusion, etc.). Unfortunately, the name of Verencia's Dynamis LS still escapes me (little known fact, they beat DL the week-end before EDi+PS), I'll ask Kirianna later in game.

I think it'd be cool having a list with those who reached 75 first on each job within the NA/early EU community assuming people still remember that kind of info.

I know the list for WAR goes like this: Alve → Nightblade → Searain, Resist and weren't Narusegawa, Soulmate and Jasinde and Valark's taru friend that later switched to Remora - please help me here, Teefa? - the first SMN's? Pretty sure Quasi and Providence (the elvaan dude that left TMF after some drama and then joined TL) were among the first Rangers and Syphon/Mrzi/Mesdo/Shingo/Mikata the first Ninjer, Kukukiki and Huma the first Dragoons, Ambrosa, Bamma and Slide the first Monks and so forth.

--SearainGaruda 18:15, 25 September 2007 (CDT)

Linkshell list

I was browsing through this yesterday, and so an idea came up. Feel free to use the <User:Spicyryan Deleted This Template in 2018, hi guiz> on the Garuda (Server) page, however you guys feel like molding it. Don't bother with the categories it adds.. I'm trying to work that out, but it won't affect the functionality of the template when you use it. /cheer ~ Goddess ~ TalkContrib 18:21, 25 September 2007 (CDT)

Not too bad

Might just go ahead and use them, I need to start fleshing out the information sections now, I'm sorta hoping to release the first version of this page by Sunday, or next Monday at the latest. Work is still kicking my ass, but I'm giving it my best ^^

Regarding "notable" shells ... well, do we want to list every LS there or really notable ones? I've never even heard much about Oceanids nor if they did any notable aside from existing. Mind you, not trying to pick a fight but if we list every LS here the list is gonna be huge. Rai

Yeah.. I'm on the fence about them, I added them myself.. but only because I think they are notable.. IF you are living in the EU.

You are probably right though.

Sigh.. so busy this week at work T_T.

I need to get a couple more collaborators on this project.

Guess I'm a little (a lot) late to the party, but I'll see if I can dig up some skeletons/ghosts from memory & make some edits here & there. ... Better late than never? ^^; --Llowyn (talk) 15:54, 22 November 2014 (EST)

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