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hello my fellow gamers kabong in bismark. if u should be reading this then you guna find out sum camps for farming good cp. when farming cp a good blm sch geo rdm always good to have espicaly with the camps iam listing. woh gates is it++ mob so plan acodingly

   pty size>area>camp >then mobs> side notes  .... no spell check

6: Moh Gates (Map 1) > K-5 > Apex Eruca: MB Water, recommend PLD or RUN tank.

7+: Woh Gates> Camp 1(I-8/9 border room)(acuex big room+) camp 2(d-8 room)(umbril + bats)> personally I have not gotten enough people for these camps but there are a ton of mobs there, also acuex have a ROE page.

6: Woh gates> Camp 1(Kamihr Drifts zone) (worm + bunny) Camp 2 (Yorcia Weald biv.#3 zone) (acuex + butterflies) > Camp 1... good if you got a DD setup but need acc buffs to hit... Camp 2 is pretty good they don't aggro but link with each other, and also both mobs have their own ROE pages, IMO this is a good spot for dd/mage ptys

6- : outer Rak map 1> camp 1 (k/l-6 close to skirmish warp)(skeles+dogs) camp2 (h4/5) (umbrill+ drk ele) camp 3 (f/g-6)(butterflys)> camp 1 is good for low end ilvl dds plus , go mnk mnk power? camp2 is epic if u can bing a whm and blm(with Ilvl af body upgrade) the only bad thing about this camp is the eles if u bring a rdm or another ele mage could see this being the premier 3man spot whm, blm, ele mage, pretty much whm keep umbrill puller alive while blm ja>aga3> them down other mage deal with the 3 eles. bad thing about this camp and camp 3 it require u goin thru 2 col. reives> camp3 is just listed casue it has a roe page

3-1 : now depending on the qualtiy of ppl in your pty u can use your trusts with the 6man camps, personaly for me i have been only getting a few ppl from shouts so i get on my sch and solo the accuex from 6man party camp2 in woh gates , i bring a cpl people usally 2 others not many ppl wiling on bismark. firestorm+kiloform and start off with pyro helix, if ur not very well equip i wouldnot sugest this..... also sch self drk sc basicaly one shots them beoing accuex weak to drk( light hlx + stone magic= distrotion+ ominscience = drk)

1+: Doh Gates(very tough)> camp1 I-10 (eft mobs) , camp2 I-11 j-11 Big room( fish + crab mobs), camp3 G-9 side of the stream(velk magi) , camp4 j-7/k-7 (Acceux + umbrill+ slug)> camp1- is listed cause of its roe page and all the mob are really close together. camp2- the fish have an roe page and if u bring a friend or 2 plenty of mobs to keep chain alive. camp3- not very good camp for cp but it has an roe page. camp4- this is the mage camp of the zone, see very little resistance with my noraml MAb set up, can easliy keep a chain going bring a friend they can kill slugs while u kill accuex x3 umbril x2 , only down side is no ROE page :/

1 depending on what u lvlin i would stick to the ep-dc mobs for fast spamage, aoe kills what? there are a few epic spots for solo magein. moggel kupipi ulmia good mage set up ! server updates done see yall l8ter


Benediction Effect

  • The "Benediction Effect" of restoring MP also restores the MP of those around the caster.

out of date job categories, max values and gifts

I was updating them for SMN and THF but gifts tables seem capped off beyond 1200, I put the data in but it doesn't show up. Probably a template issue but I don't wanna run around breaking things/figuring out changing things I shouldn't so any feedback great.

Template Update

I adjusted the templates to use subtemplates instead of ___49 or whatever. I also eliminated the max category from the JP table (simple multiplication that can fall out of date as SE increases caps) and added any missing JP categories, but I couldn't bring myself to update 1200-2100 Gifts. --Byrthnoth (talk) 00:23, 9 January 2016 (UTC)

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