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Use this template to show that an item is used in a quest, mission, or similar function.

For upgrades you may use |Icon= to put in the icon of the item in question for some flair.

{{Item Quest Usage Table
|Insert Quest Usage List Template = 
{{Item Quest Usage

Example by Type:

"Type" indicates the category of function to be listed in the table.
The acceptable values are:

Notorious Monster or NM

Used to spawn the following Notorious Monsters
Monster Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Quest or Q

Used in the following Quests
Quest Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Mission or M

Used in the following Missions
Mission Name Notes
Cop icon.png Bibikibo Example

Campaign Op or (Campaign | Op)

Used in the following Campaign Ops
Campaign Op Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Monster Rearing or (Evolution | MR | Monster)

Used in the following Evolutions
Monster Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Seasonal Event or (Seasonal | SE | S)

Used in the following Seasonal Events
Seasonal Event Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Special Event or (Special | SP)

Used in the following Special Events
Special Event Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Battlefield or (Battle | BF)

Used in the following Battlefields
Battlefield Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Item Upgrade or (Upgrade | U)

Used in the following Item Upgrades
Item Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Abjuration or (Cursed | C)

Used in the following purification process
Item Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Coalition or co

Used in the following Coaltion Assignments
Assignment Name Notes
Bibikibo Example

Mog Garden or mg

Used in the following Mog Garden Geological Locations
Location Name Notes
Garden Furrow Used as a Fertilizer

Pulse Panoplia or (Pulse)

Used to redeem the following Pulse Panoplia
Pulse Item Name Notes
Bibikibo icon.png Bibikibo Trade 5x Example to Ardrick in Jugner Forest (I-8).