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  • Parameters are self explanitory, if there is no answer to a field or it's "None", Leave it blank.
  • The Expansion parameter can use nicknames.
  • "Level" refers to any level restriction (as a number) keep blank if none.
  • Starting NPC/Zone format: [[NPC]], [[Zone]] - (A-1).
  • If you zone into a particular area for cutscene: [[Zone]].
  • Previous and Next refers to the name of the corresponding mission (case-sensitive).
    • Use the {{!}} template as a pipe | separator to link missions.
Example: Name of mission is "Play FFXI" but corresponding wiki page is found at "FFXI Mission 2-3" then you would use: FFXI Mission 2-3{{!}}Play FFXI
  • The [[Category:Missions]] tag is automatically added, though another category tag must be added to missions from each nation/expansion pack.
{{Mission Header
|Mission Name=