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  • Each quest line may be notated with "Active" or "Done". Omission of any quest, or writing anything other than "Active" or "Done" for any quest, will result in the quest being marked as default/unaccepted.
  • (Optional) Redefine Active-Color (the color for active quests), Complete-Color (the color for completed quests), and Default-Color (for quests that have not been accepted yet). Also, specify background if you wish to use an alternate background color.
{{San d'Oria Quest Checklist
|Active-Color = red
|Complete-Color = green
|Default-Color = blue
|background = #FFFFFF
|A Boy's Dream = Done
|A Chocobo Riding Game (San d'Oria) = Done
|A Craftsman's Work = Active
|A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria) = 
|A Job for the Consortium = 
|A Knight's Test = 
|A Purchase of Arms = 
|Atelloune's Lament = 
|A Sentry's Peril = 
|A Squire's Test = 
|A Squire's Test II = 
|A Taste For Meat = 
|A Timely Visit = 
|Advanced Teamwork = 
|Black Tiger Skins = 
|Blackmail = 
|Chasing Quotas = 
|Distant Loyalties = 
|Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) = 
|Enveloped in Darkness = 
|Escort for Hire (San d'Oria) = 
|Exit the Gambler = 
|Father and Son = 
|Fear of the Dark = 
|Fit for a Prince = 
|Flyers for Regine = 
|Gates to Paradise = 
|Grave Concerns = 
|Grimy Signposts = 
|Growing Flowers = 
|Healing the Land = 
|Her Majesty's Garden = 
|Intermediate Teamwork = 
|Introduction To Teamwork = 
|Knight Stalker = 
|Lizard Skins = 
|Lufet's Lake Salt = 
|Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) = 
|Messenger from Beyond = 
|Methods Create Madness = 
|Old Wounds = 
|Over the Hills and Far Away = 
|Peace for the Spirit = 
|Pieuje's Decision = 
|Prelude of Black and White = 
|Rosel the Armorer = 
|Sharpening the Sword = 
|Signed in Blood = 
|Sleepless Nights = 
|Sorcery of the North = 
|Souls in Shadow Scythe = 
|Spice Gals = 
|Starting a Flame = 
|Tea with a Tonberry? = 
|The Brugaire Consortium = 
|The Crimson Trial = 
|The Dismayed Customer = 
|The General's Secret = 
|The Holy Crest = 
|The Medicine Woman = 
|The Merchant's Bidding = 
|The Pickpocket = 
|The Rivalry/The Competition = 
|The Rumor = 
|The Seamstress = 
|The Setting Sun = 
|The Sweetest Things = 
|The Trader in the Forest = 
|The Vicasque's Sermon = 
|Thick Shells = 
|Tiger's Teeth = 
|To Cure a Cough = 
|Trial Size Trial by Ice = 
|Trial by Ice = 
|Trouble at the Sluice = 
|Under Oath = 
|Undying Flames = 
|Unexpected Treasure = 
|Warding Vampires = 
|Waters of the Cheval = 

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