The Clue

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The Clue
Required Fame
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Rycharde, Mhaura - (H-8)
Pack None
Title Four-star Purveyor
Repeatable No
Description Rycharde seeks an ingredient known as Crawler's Eggs.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Expertise The Basics
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  • You need to wait 8 real life hours after completing Expertise before this quest is offered.

  • Speak to Rycharde at (H-8) upstairs in the Sailors' Stay, and you'll get the quest after choosing to "Accept" his request. You need to give him 4 Crawler Eggs that you can find either under the Cooking section of the Auction House, or that drop from assorted Crawlers around the world. After giving him four eggs, you receive your reward and the quest is complete.

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