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The Flipside of Things

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The Flipside of Things
Required Fame
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Rarcasmeult - Garlaige Citadel (S) (J-6)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Rarcasmeult has mistakenly placed a firepower case in the Firesand Storeroom. Retrive it and bring it back to him.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None


  • Speak to Rarcasmeult (J-6 2nd map and off in uncharted top right hand corner of map) and he will tell you to find the Firesand Storeroom.
  • Go back out the door and head straight, no turns unless you have to.
  • Go past Loutille and then past Duchille, go through the Heavy Iron Gate. Slimes and Bats will aggro in this section, so be sure to have Sneak or Silent Oil handy.
  • Head south and west towards the square section of this map, then continue heading towards (G-7) where you will find a "Storeroom Door".
  • Enter and look around for a ???. Click it to receive key item: Firepower case.
  • Return to Rarcasmeult to obtain your reward.,