The Forbidden Path

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The Forbidden Path
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Lehko Habhoka, Windurst Waters (S)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Karaha-Baurha's Research Assistant
Repeatable No
Description In his secret laboratory deep beneath Windurst, the genius Karaha-Baruha pores over ancient tomes, that he might once again summon the Great Beast in his nation's time of need. Deliver what he seeks to Velda-Galda by the gate to Windurst Walls!
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Long March North Sins of the Mothers
Intelligence Potion


  1. Examine the Gate of Darkness in the Inner Horutoto Ruins (I-7, Rose Tower Map 4) for the Key ItemIrradiant strand.
  2. Check the Fey Blossoms at Grauberg (S) F-5 for a cutscene
    1. Check again and you will be asked for a Bottled Pixie
    2. Obtain a Bottled Pixie and trade it to the Fey Blossoms in Grauberg (S) (F-5, between 18:00-6:00) to obtain the Key ItemScintillant strand from Adrasteia.
  3. Head to Castle Oztroja (S) and examine the Writhing Flame (G-7, first floor) for a cutscene.
    1. Return to the Writhing Flame and trade it a Job Testimony for the Key ItemRefulgent strand.
    2. Note: You will be unable to complete this miniquest on GEO or RUN.

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