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Seekers of Adoulin Mission 4-3

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The Gates
Series Seekers of Adoulin
Starting NPC N/A
Title Ulbukan Understudy
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Chasing after Darrcuiln, you stumbled upon hordes of umbrils fighting leafkins. Who is the strange man fighting alongside the woodland creatures? Assist them in battle and find out the truth.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Darrcuiln Morimar


  • Examine the Darkened Crevice at (G-8) in Woh Gates to enter a BCNM against waves of Umbrils.
    • You may attempt the battlefield solo.
  • The battle starts automatically after about a minute. Giving you a quick moment to buff and call Trusts.
  • You are assisted by Arciela, Darrcuiln, Noble Warrior, and some cute Resolute Leafkins.
  • The fight is lost if any NPCs die.
    • The NPCs can be buffed and healed with Blood Pact: Wards.
    • NPCs can also be buffed via accession if you cast it on a trust you summon, such as Regen V.
  • The fight is still won if all players are dead, but the NPCs finish killing the monsters.
  • See the The Discussion Page page for strategies and further battle information.


  • If you fail this BCNM, you can reaquire the Tuft of golden fur in Woh Gates by examining the Large Animal Track mark at the border of (J-*)/(K-8) near the Yorcia Weald exit.
    • You do not need to have another key item in your possession to enter and receive the win if you are in a party with another player who initiates this battle.

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