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The Goblin Tailor

From BG FFXI Wiki
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The Goblin Tailor.jpg
The Goblin Tailor
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 3
Level Restriction: Level 10
Starting NPC Guttrix, Lower Jeuno (H-10)
Pack None
Title Goblin's Exclusive Fashion Mannequin
Repeatable Yes
Description Each week, a different magical pattern appears inside a treasure chest somewhere. Give it to Guttrix and he'll reward you.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Ordelle Chest Key or

Gusgen Chest Key or

Shakhrami Chest Key

See Below


  • Speak to Guttrix who will offer to make you Race Specific Equipment if you bring him a Magical pattern (key item).
  • Each race is given a game week (Firesday to Darksday) to find a pattern. At the end of that game week, it will become the next race's turn.
  • Turn the pattern into Guttrix who will give you the option to craft it into one of the following four armors:
Race Armor Race Armor
Hume Hume
Elvaan Elvaan
Galka Mithra
Tarutaru ♂ ♀


  • In addition to the armor, there are RSE ammo pieces for players if they wish to obtain them.
    • These are not obtained from Guttrix, but NMs instead.
  • During the correct time for your RSE pattern you must simply head to your correct zone and find a ??? on the ground.
    • Selecting it will spawn the Aroma Crawler (Maze of Shakhrami), Aroma Fly (Gusgen Mines), or Aroma Leech (Ordelle's Caves).
      • The NM is level 38-40.
        • The drop is about 10% and affected by Treasure Hunter (don't forget certain THF trusts like Nanaa Mihgo have TH1)
        • The ??? will respawn no more than 30 minutes after spawning the NM.
        • The ??? locations are noted on the maps below.
Race Ammo Race Ammo
Hume Hume
Elvaan Elvaan
Galka Mithra
Tarutaru ♂ ♀

Gusgen Mines

From Konschtat Highlands (L-7)

Gusgen Mines-map1.jpg
Gusgen Mines-map1.jpg
Gusgen Mines-map2.jpg
Gusgen Mines-map2.jpg
Gusgen Mines-map3.jpg
Gusgen Mines-map3.jpg

Ordelle's Caves

From La Theine Plateau (F-7) - Ramp down the cliff

Ordelle's Caves-map1.jpg
Ordelle's Caves-map1.jpg
Ordelle's Caves-map2.jpg
Ordelle's Caves-map2.jpg
Ordelle's Caves-map3.jpg
Ordelle's Caves-map3.jpg
  • Chest may also spawn near Morbolger on map 3.
  • Aroma Leech ??? are not marked on the maps, the locations are:
    • (F-4) on the second map, slightly south-east of the center.
    • (G-8) on the second map, just below the ledge, south of the Stalactite Dew.
    • (I-11) on the first map, bottom floor.

Maze of Shakhrami

From Tahrongi Canyon (K-5)

Maze of Shakhrami-map1.jpg
Maze of Shakhrami-map1.jpg
Maze of Shakhrami-map2.jpg
Maze of Shakhrami-map2.jpg

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