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Pre-Release & Beta

2000 - 2001

Release & The First Year


The Rise of the Zilart Era


The Chains of Promathia Era


Conclusion of Chains of Promathia


The Treasures of Aht Urhgan Era


Conclusion of Treasures of Aht Urhgan


The Age of Mythical Weapons


The Add-on Scenarios


The End of the Level 75 Cap


The Level 99 Era

Coming Soon!

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2005 - Xbox 360 Version Announced, Conclusion of Chains of Promathia

In 2005 it was announced at E3 that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI was under development. The Xbox 360 Beta test of Final Fantasy XI started in December, the same month the console was released.

No expansion packs were released this year, but the conclusion of Chains of Promathia's main storyline was released, as well as significant new content added with version updates.

Jan. 1st, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Birds of Happiness visit Vana'diel
A family of six birds - Bird of Wonder, Bird of Peace, and four Birdlings were released on Vana'diel. This event was much like the year before, where trading items to the birds granted temporary buffs.
Jan. 19th, 2005
    JPFlag.png Al'Taieu's first appearance!
During an Intel-sponsored corporate presentation touting Intel's Centrino chipset, Square Enix staffers, demonstrating the microprocessor's ability to handle heavy applications, brought out Final Fantasy XI highlighting a new area called Al'Taieu.

At this point, this area was highly discussed in the Chains of Promathia storyline. This confirmed that players would be able to travel to the celestial capital.

Feb. 11th, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Valentione's Day 2005
The first official Valentine's Day event, dubbed "Valentione's Day" in Vana'diel, took place starting on February 11th.

Character's created before February 4th, 2005 were delivered a Inferno Crystal to their mailboxes. This was done in order to use in synthesis to create signed Love Chocolates/Truelove Chocolates for that special someone.

Mistake Delivery?

As this was the first time that people received campaign/event items from "==MHMU==", many thought it was a mistake from an unknown person and returned the items.

Feb. 14th, 2005
    Historynews.gif First Largescale Banhammer
Over 800 accounts which repeatedly violated the PlayOnline Member Agreement were permanently banned from PlayOnline.

The violators were not RMT, but instead they were actual players who would form groups to monopolize the hunting spots of NMs. They also repeatedly performed harassment and MPK actions against other players.

The official announcement for this ban used the term "Grief Tactics". This caused players who thought that others were monopolizing their experience monsters or NMs to begin calling GMs more frequently and on a whim. Some of these calls were warranted, but many were unnecessary and petty.
Feb. 24th, 2005
    Historyversionup.png Opening of Al'Taieu & Fishing Changes
New Features & Content

Job Adjustments
  • This update highly altered the Shield system.
    • A Shield Block would now reduced the amount of damage taken. Before, every shield block would negate all damage.
    • The "Shield Size" system was introduced. Smaller shields would block more frequently but for less damage. Larger shields would block less frequently for more damage.
    • Shield usage will now be determined after any evasio effects are considered.
  • White Mage
  • Samurai
    • Zanshin added.
    • Third Eye is no longer cancelled by Magic, Songs and Breath Attacks. The ability also now anticipate Multi-attack abilities used by monsters that target a single opponent.
  • Dragoon
  • New Spells:
  • More quests added centered on Chains of Promathia areas.
  • Numerous Ballista system changes.
  • "Multi-Ticket" Key Items were added for barges and manaclippers. The ferries between Selbina and Mhaura as well as the Airships were exempt from this.
  • Mannequins can now be purchased from Fyi Chalmwoh after completing your first mannequin via the quest It's Raining Mannequins.
    • Old mannequins could also be turned in to get a discount on a different race's mannequin.
  • Forest Carp are now accepted for the quests The Rivalry and The Competition.
  • The reward for turning in a fish for either above quest is now the same as the price when selling one to an NPC (10 Gil).
  • The record for the best clear time displayed when entering a battlefield now also shows the holder's name.
    • When cleared by a party, it also now showed the number of adventurers.
  • New Notorious Monsters added to Chains of Promathia areas.
  • Morion Worm will now escape under the ground after a time has passed from commencing the battle. This would effectivly end the fight.
  • The Merit Point system was expanded
    • Already existing categories had their limits increased.
    • Group 1 merits were added for each job.
  • If a target from a Ranged Attack moves out of range, the shot will now automatically miss.
  • Flash and Blind were now different status effects. Accordingly, Flash no longer cancelled the effect of Blind.
  • Banish spells now caused more damage against undead.
  • Several shops had new goods added to their wares for sale.
  • Logging was now possible in Misareaux Coast, and the results in Lufaise Meadows were adjusted.
  • Almost every fish able to be caught via Fishing was now sold to NPCs for half of the cost before.
  • Alchemic Ensorcellment was added.
  • Anima Synthesis cost was reduced to 20,000 Guild Points instead of 30,000.
  • Cluster Core and Snow Lily can now be traded.
  • The Fishing system was majorly changed, and the "Left/Right" pull system was added.
  • The search comment system was now divided into multiple categories, allowing players to specify what they are searching for.
  • When entering a Mog House, the camera now always positions behind the character.
  • Chat filters now became more detailed regarding NPCs.
Shield Update

The shield update took a lot of getting used to for players. It was a major change, but eventually became a very welcome one. Before this change, shields rarely blocked and Paladins would often try out AGI builds or not even use a shield at all. Earth Staves were in every Paladin's inventory. Warrior was the only subjob used for Paladin. An Aerial Armor rotation was a common strategy to negate damage from an onslaught of attacks, paired with out of alliance White Mages to keep up curing. Before this update, Ninja was the tank of choice due to negating almost all damage.

This update was the first step of the evolution of Paladin. Shield Skill became high in demand. The Kaiser Schaller, and later on after Limbus was released, the Boxer's Mantle became staples of any Paladin's equip sets.

Chat Filters Useful?

The chat filter change now actually became useful. Players could specifically filter what they didn't want to see more effectively.

Fishing Change

Against player's wishes, the fishing system was changed in hopes of fighting fishbots. The new system worked for awhile, but of course new bots were introduced that could be used with the new system.

Additionally, almost all remaining profit was slashed from selling fish to NPCs.

Load Fishing

Since the introduction to Action Fishing in this update, the term "Load Fishing" came to be. The phenomenon was that the higher the spec PC being used, the higher the difficulty of successfully catching a fish. PS2 users easily caught Ryugu Titan, but PC users had an incredibly difficult time landing their catch. In order to bridge the gap between players, PC fishermen came up with the "Load Fishing" method. By starting an application other than POL that has a high load on the PC processor, the capability of your PC is lowered. As a result, fish's physical strength suddenly increased or decreased depending on key strokes.

There was controversy on anonymous bulletin boards, such as 2chan, whether or not this technique was a hack. At the time, the official windower did not yet exist. It was impossible to Load Fish while playing without using an external tool. However, even if you do not use a tool, Load Fishing could be done before the POL startup. Unfortunately, it would affect all actions other than Fishing. It was a problem that could be avoided by repeated login/logout.

The version upgrade on Jul. 19th, 2005 somewhat fixed this phenomenon. "Irregular increases or decreases in the HP of a fishing target when the server is experiencing heavy traffic". This was, of course, a mis-translation. It was meant to read "When a player's PC" not the server. Differences in client-platform difficulty remained.

An additional countermeasure was taken in the Dec. 13th, 2005 upgrade. "An issue where the difficulty level of fishing varied depending on the client used has been addressed."

Further changes to this issue were made in the Feb. 21, 2006 update. "Further adjustments were made to compensate for the inconsistency in fishing difficulty experienced by different clients." The phenomena continued, but not as much as before. When fishing in areas such as Al Zahbi before Besieged, it was possible to witness a simulated experience.

In the Jul. 24, 2012 upgrade, due to client-dependent measures, it became a state where load was forcibly applied by setting an upper limit on the number of frames during the action fishing feature. However, this resulted in prey which became easy to fish and prey which became hard to fish. It solved nothing.

Finally, the Mar. 18th, 2014 update, the specification of action fishing was reexamined drastically. This made the difficulty of fishing completely dependent on the processing speed of the client. It was almost impossible to Load Fish after this.

Artifact Armor Storage

The new storage system was very much appreciated by players, even though it was extremely limited. A whole set must be stored, so players could not only store "useless" artifact without also storing useful ones. Players often only used this system when changing jobs in order to free up precious space. It also cost 1,000 Gil when claiming your armor.

Mar. 1st, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png The Doll Festival 2005
The event was held from March 1st thru March 14th. The stages and decorations returned.

New this year were the costume rice cakes. Eating them turned players into little girls of the same race. Hume Rice Cake, Elvaan Rice Cake, Tarutaru Rice Cake, and Mithran Rice Cake.

Depending on party setups that were in the zones, players could recieve Sweet Rice Cakes from moogles.

Sexism in FFXI?

This was the first year that the costumes were added. This is an event based on the Japanese holiday "Hinamatsuri" (often called "Japanese Doll Festival" or "Girls' Day"). English players were very confused and didn't understand why there were little girl costumes, but no little boy costumes.

A couple months later, the "Sword Festival" would take place revolved around males, and little boy costumes were added.

Mar. 3rd, 2005
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png Final Fantasy Entry Disk 2005 Released in Japan
This disk included the base game and the Rise of the Zilart expansion. The PS2 version sold for 4,800 Yen (Tax Excluded) and the Windows version's price varied.

This was the first FFXI Windows disk that was in DVD-ROM format. DVD-ROMs were rare at the time, and not many people had a DVD player for their computers yet.

FFXI Entry Disk 2005 Windows.jpg FFXI Entry Disk 2005 PS2.jpg
Mar. 6th, 2005
    USFlag.png iGames Tour 2005 Gardena, CA
Final Fantasy XI joined in the iGames Tour 2005, and the first stop was at Gardena, California in the shop "Internet PC Cafe". The address was 1451 W. Artesia Blvd. #3

Gardena, CA 90248. The business has since closed.

  • Events:
    • 22 vs 22 Ballista match
    • 40+ player Tarutaru run
    • Q&A with Sage Sundi
    • Free Play machines, allowing guests to login to their own accounts
    • Virtual tour illustrating the world of Vana'diel
    • Merchandise Store
    • Picture booth with models in Mithra RSE
    • FFXI Trivia and Raffles
Mar. 26th, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza 2005
Following the previous year, the Easter Egg Hunt event was held from March 25th to April 4th.

The event itself was the same as 2004, except that three new Furnishings were added:

Lamp EggWing EggFlower Egg
Apr. 14th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Part I:The First Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign
The first ever Return to Vana'diel campaign was held from April 14th thru July 13th. This first campaign allowed players whos characters were deleted to be recovered. Furthermore, a new registration code could be obtained during this campaign.

Nowadays, characters are not deleted unless physically done so within the game.

Apr. 14th, 2005
    Historynews.gif The First DDoS Attack
The same day that the Return to Vana'diel campaign took place, the first ever DDoS attack was executed against Playonline's servers. Countermeasures were taken, but this attack still made it difficult to log in to Playonline for several hours.
Apr. 21st, 2005
    Historyversionup.png EXP TNLs Standardized & ENM Expansion
New Features & Content

Job Adjustments
  • New Chains of Promathia Quests were added.
  • The Armor Storage NPC introduced in the previous update can now also store popular low level armor sets.
  • Clamming expanded on Purgonorgo Isle.
  • Harvesting and Mining could now be done in the following areas:
  • The Marble Bridge coaster Key Item was added. This item tells players who zone into Upper Jeuno if your welcome inside on that day.
  • The quest In the Name of Science was expanded in accordance with the new zones and new monster families added into the game.
  • Inside the Belly expanded, and more fish were accepted by Zaldon.
  • Experience Points required for levelling up after level 51 was standardized, instead of the random amounts before. Overall, this lowered the experience points required to reach 75.


Relic Shield

The Aegis and the related relic quest were added in this update. Naturally, they used the expansion pack area Lufaise Meadows for the Amaltheia fight. When the other relic weapons were released, only Rise of the Zilart was out.

Players were surprised with the multiple currency types needed to upgrade the weapon. Speculation was that the final stage was a random Dynamis currency type for each player. After a few players reached this stage it was discovered that it is always an R. Goldpiece.

Apr. 28th, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Feast of Swords
The first ever Feast of Swords event took place, and became an annual Vana'diel event.

Players had to receive the Wooden Katana from a moogle, and be restricted to level 1. The goal was to attack the Samurai NPCs named Tatenashi Armor, Tukukazazu Armor, Ubuginu Armor and Hachryu Armor. They were placed around the three kingdoms.

After attacking them to a certain extent, you had to report back to the moogle. Rewards included:

If players kill one of the Samurais, they received the Hardwood Katana.

Apr. 28th, 2005
    JPFlag.pngUSFlag.png Ballista Royale
An official announcement was made on the Playonline website regarding Ballista Royale. The event was a Ballista championship. There was both a North American and a Japanese championship held. Ballistaroyale announce en.gif

Ballistaroyale announce jp.gif

Apr. 30th, 2005
    USFlag.png iGames Tour 2005 Oahu, Hawaii
The next stop on the iGames Tour 2005 was at "PC Gamerz" in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The address was 99-082 Kauhale St, Suite D-2, Aiea, HI 96701.
  • Events:
    • Boss Battle Bash (See more below)
    • 40+ player Tarutaru newbie marathon
    • Q&A with Sage Sundi
    • Free Play machines, allowing guests to login to their own accounts
    • Virtual tour illustrating the world of Vana'diel
    • Merchandise Store
    • Picture booth with models in Mithra RSE
    • FFXI Trivia and Raffles

PC Gamerz in Aiea, Hawaii was the first battleground for the live FINAL FANTASY XI event, the Boss Battle Bash! This event was the perfect opportunity for friends and linkshells to meet up and demonstrate their elite skills in front of a live audience. A victory against one of the brutal bosses earned teams fame and fortune, while a defeat will force you to refine your tactics and try again another day.

The rules of the event were as follows:

  1. Create a team of 6 people at the event.
  2. Decide on player jobs, team name, and boss to battle.
  3. Head to the event desk to register your team.
  4. Give the event desk receptionist your team information.
  5. Receive your team's approximate play time.
  6. At the appointed time, follow your escort into PC Gamerz.
  7. Set up your macros and buff for battle. You're given 5 minutes!
  8. Beat your opponent within 15 minutes to win the prize!

Note: This event took place on a private server with premade characters. Participants must have been in attendance at the local event to participate. Limited race availability and no duplicate jobs in a team were allowed.

Boss Name Prize
Dark Dragon

Level 25 Characters

Dear Friends Pamphlets
Time Bomb

Level 50 Characters




Level 30 Characters

1 Square Enix Game

(Limited to availability)

Playing Host

Level 30 Characters

1 Square Enix Game

(Limited to availability)


Level 40 Characters

Helltail Harry

Level 40 Characters


Level 75 Characters

Logitech Coordless Rumblepad 2 Controller
Evil Oscar

Level 75 Characters

Logitech Speakers

Level 45 Characters

Nvidia Geforce 6800 ULTRA

Level 70 Characters

Intel Motherboard and CPU
PCGamerz 2005.jpgHawaiiEvent2005.png

Igames 2005 hi 1.jpgIgames 2005 hi 2.jpg

May 8th, 2005
    Historynews.gif 5th Vana'diel Census
In addition to the regular points of interest, items with high auction rates as well as Synthesis Skill distribution were listed.
May 11th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Adventurer Recruitment Program
The Gold World Pass was introduced. This pass allowed players to join the world of the player who provided the pass, and rewarded the special items Guide Beret and Sprout Beret to the recruiter and friend. The Guide Beret and Sprout Beret used to have different stats. After the implementation of Level Sync, they both became quite useless.

Guide Beret

Enchantment: Restrict level to match Sprout (Sprout must be level 50 or less)

<1/1 0:30/[30:00, 0:30]>

Sprout Beret

Enchantment: Remove level restriction on Guide

<1/1 0:30/[10:00, 0:30]>

May 13th, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Third Annual Aventurer's Appreciation Campaign
The campaign was held from May 13th thru May 30th. Speaking to Moogles in the three nations would once again display character statistics.

New this year were the Homing Ring and Return Ring.

Due to popular demand, these rings were later added to the Adventurer Recruitment Program in July of 2005.
May 17th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360 announced at E3 2005
During the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2005, Final Fantasy XI was announced for Xbox 360. It would be Xbox's first MMORPG.

The Xbox has never done as well with sales in Japan as it has in North America. The Xbox 360 version announcement was well received in North America.

Jun. 7th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Part II: The First Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign
Part II allowed players who dectivated their Playonline IDs but not terminated their Playonline membership account an opportunity to return to Final Fantasy XI.
Jun. 7th, 2005
    Historynews.gif World Emigration Application
Due to the overpopulation of certain Worlds, the opportunity was given for certain high population worlds to emigrate free of charge to other less populated worlds. The worlds eligibe were as follows:

Applicable Worlds for emigration to Midgardsormr: Shiva, Valefor, Caitsith, Sylph, Ragnarok

Applicable Worlds for emigration to Remora: Bahamut, Odin, Siren, Unicorn, Gilgamesh, Asura

Applicable Worlds for emigration to Hades: Phoenix, Carbuncle, Fenrir, Ifrit, Diabolos, Fairy

Jul. 19th, 2005
    Historyversionup.png The Game Changer
New Features & Content
  • Four quests allowing adventurers to obtain specialized beastmaster hats were added:
  • The fortune teller Emila was added.
  • Titles undergone adjustments:
    • Gil cost to change titles was lowered.
    • Does not cost gil anymore to check available titles.
    • NPC Bards now sang out the title of the adventurer in /say when a player changes it.
    • A random title can now be chosen free of charge once per Vana'diel time.
    • NM titles now available in Kazham and Rabao.
  • The chocobo riding delivery quest was implemented.
  • The Return Ring and Homing Ring were now obtainable with Conquest Points
  • Mannequin Pumps and Minstrel's Dagger can now be reobtained if tossed from the same place it was attained (Quest giver).
  • Mythril Plate Armor could now be stored as a key item with the armor set storage npcs.
  • Experience Points can now be earned by defeating a wider level range array of monsters. Furthermore, Decent Challenge and East Prey now provided more Experience.
  • Experience Points chain bonuses in level capped areas now granted experience at the capped level rather than a player's actual level.
  • Almost all Chains of Promathia areas had monster locations adjusted.
  • Ranged Attacks damage and accuracy are now calculated based on the distance from the monster and the player.
  • The higher a monster's level is in regards to a player's, less damage will be dealt.
  • The player's enmity now decreases when a shadow image created by Utsusemi is absorbed by an attack.
  • Weather will no longer have an effect on the distance a player can be detected for monsters that detect based on the use of magic.
  • This update gave birth to the "Double Weakened" effect of Ranged Attacks and Magical Attacks. Players who are KO'd again while already in a weakened state now had zero ranged accuracy and zero magical accuracy.
  • Before the update, a player who fought a monster without using auto-attack would retain his claim on the monster, even if he was KO’d in battle due to poison, etc. This was changed so that when the player dies, the monster becomes unclaimed.
  • Before the update, a monster that was claimed by a party or alliance would occasionally go unclaimed when magic or a weapon skill was used on the monster as the monster moved out of range before the magic or weapon skill could strike.
  • Ninja Toolbags were implemented.
  • Prices at guild stores that run out of stock now had their prices vary based on supply. This can raise to a maximum of 5x the lowest price.
  • Monopolization Nerf: The Archer's Ring, Leaping Boots, Emperor Hairpin and Peacock Charm were moved to BCNM fights, and replaced by rare/ex or ex version that grant the same stats.
  • The Timepiece furnishing was introduced and rewarded to adventurers participating in the Adventurer Recruitment Program after 100 days of activity.
  • Players could no longer /tell other players who are on their blacklist.
  • The Conquest Map could now be displayed in Non-Conquest areas (Such as Lumoria).
  • Many Ballista changes were implemented including:
  • The system of “Open Entry” for official matches, in which all adventurers were allowed to join the force with the smallest number of participants, has been done away with and replaced by a system called "Temporary Entry," in which players may join a force regardless of allegiance. However, the player's entry is temporary, and similar to Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba's "Auto-Balance" feature, the players may be redistributed for balance when the match begins.
  • In Ru'Lude Gardens, the player will be able to view Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsbas reservation status. Reservations for the next two days (Earth time) will be shown.
  • The NPC Tillecoe will now inform the player of the match’s level restriction when a match at Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba is set to allow general participation.
  • Temporary items will now be distributed at the start of official matches held at the Pashhow Marshlands.
  • A section of the Ballista rulebook that is read out by the Pursuivant has been changed.
  • The rate of success for Foe Lullaby and Horde Lullaby has been lowered for players with bard as a support job.
  • A limit has been imposed on the amount of HP that can be absorbed by Bloody Bolts HP Drain effect during Ballista.
Epic Chains of Promathia Conclusion
Along with the version update, the song "Distant Worlds" was added to the closing cinematic. This was the first vocal arrangement song in Final Fantasy XI, and appropriately fans went nuts over it. The song became the staple Final Fantasy XI recognition song.

The arrangement was performed by Izumi Masuda, pictured to the right.


Ranger Nerf

After this change, Kirin (which was normally Ranger burned) suddenly took hours to complete. The overall balance of the game suddenly changed, and tactics needed to be recreated from scratch. Many players thought they logged into a different game.

Before this update, Rangers were one of the main sources of damage for a lot of content. This ranged from Sky Gods to Chains of Promathia Missions and even Ranger burn merit parties. The job went from OMGRNG to LOLDRG status overnight. The distance change implemented in this update took players way off guard. No longer could they be close range and melee for TP (Kraken club was a popular item for Rangers) and unleash weapon skills. Ranged Attacks and Weapon Skills would often miss if performed in melee range. This combined with the double weakness change caused many players to quit and never return. Ranger would soon see its return later on, however. -[email protected]

Ninja Tanking

Even though Ninja Tools could be bagged, the change made to enmity regarding Utsusemi made it extremely difficult to Ninja tank HNMs. Ninja relied on not taking damage and keeping enmity over time. Provoke was usually no longer enough to hold the hate required, so Ninja had much more difficulty tanking.

Double Weakened

To add insult to injury, Ranger was also nerfed in the aspect of double weakness. Deaths were very common at this stage of the game. Rangers and Black Mages would often brush off a death and continue their damage. This was no longer possible. Many strategies had to be refined with the change to Ranger distance and Double Weakness. Dynamis also was much more dangerous with Black Mages before almost always being in a weakened state.

To this day, North American/European players do not understand that Double Weakness only affects Ranged and Magical attacks.


RMT Nerfs

Popular low level equipment was suddenly moved to BCNM fights. Leaping Lizzy, Valkurm Emperor, Stroper Chyme and Argus saw RMT disappear, and legit adventurers come in trying to claim their Rare/Ex equivalent armor pieces. Long gone were the days of RMT in Ordelle's Caves telling us to fuck our mothers. Unfortunately, this made the more competent RMT groups move to sky.


The "Temporary Entry" feature was only until 18:00 game time. After this, it went back to an Open Entry style where players from any nation could join any team.

Many players, especially Japanese players, strongly disliked the Temporary Entry system, and would wait until 18:00 before signing up for a Ballista match. The auto-balance redistribution was an absolutely horrible system and it didn't consider players jobs. So in a standard 10v10 match it was entirely possible for one side to have all of the mages, or all of the melee.

Also, players who were of the participating nations during the time of the match always were locked into their nation before 18:00. This means that 3 Bastok Black mages and 3 Sandy THF would all be locked on their teams and not redistributed, making the balance extremely unfair.

This is why most people simply waited until 18:00 so that the balance distribution wouldn't ruin the match. It was open entry at this point and was easier to balance the teams. You could always count on a huge rush of players joining ballista between 18:00-22:00. -[email protected]

Adventuring Fellows

The Fellows were an amazing addition to the game. Having an NPC that can fight along side you (and even cure) aided adventurers in many quests, missions, and soloing some Experience Points.

On some servers, players even cooperated during the quest to obtain Fellows. Orderly lines were formed where players took turns with the quest fight.


Jul 21st, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Sunbreeze Festival 2005
Instead of being called Summerfest, the summer event now adopted the permanent name of the Sunbreeze Festival. The event was held from July 21st thru August 22nd.

Swimsuit outfits and the Goldfish Bowl were added as main prizes for the event.



This year's summer celebration revolved around the "Azimuth Circle" event. Players had to team up with another adventurer and work together by examining Check Points and following the direction it says to go. At the end, players would obtain the Hopipi Doll and Pumimi Doll. These were traded to the other adventurer and then to the moogle to obtain the new swim suit outfits.

HQ sets were also implemented. Every time the event was done, you received one piece. In order to obtain the HQ pieces, you had to equip the outfit and repeat the event. Since every race/sex had two pieces, the event needed to be completed four times in four different areas to obtain the full set.

Normal Quality Pieces
Race/Sex Top Bottom
Hume Male Hume Gilet Hume Trunks
Hume Female Hume Top Hume Shorts
Elvaan Male Elvaan Gilet Elvaan Trunks
Elvaan Female Elvaan Top Elvaan Shorts
Tarutaru Male Tarutaru Maillot Tarutaru Trunks
Tarutaru Female Tarutaru Top Tarutaru Shorts
Mithra Mithra Top Mithra Shorts
Galka Galka Gilet Galka Trunks
High-Quality Pieces
Race/Sex Top Bottom
Hume Male Hume Gilet +1 Hume Trunks +1
Hume Female Hume Top +1 Hume Shorts +1
Elvaan Male Elvaan Gilet +1 Elvaan Trunks +1
Elvaan Female Elvaan Top +1 Elvaan Shorts +1
Tarutaru Male Tarutaru Maillot +1 Tarutaru Trunks +1
Tarutaru Female Tarutaru Top +1 Tarutaru Shorts +1
Mithra Mithra Top +1 Mithra Shorts +1
Galka Galka Gilet +1 Galka Trunks +1
Jul. 30th, 2005
    JPFlag.png Square Enix Party 2005
The event was held on July 30th and 31st at the Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) in Chiba, Japan. Visitors were able to play a lineup of 12 games, which included the major two that were absent from E3 the month before: Final Fantasy XII and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (both for the PlayStation 2). The entry fee was 1,000 Yen ($9.15 at the time).

The event was focused on all Square Enix games, and Final Fantasy XII had the spotlight. FFXI did have a few things going on but no major announcements were made. The battlefield Heroes Combat was able to be challenged for the first time. Players found themselves face to face with Trion, Volker and Ajido-Marujido.

On the concert stage, "The Republic of Bastok" was performed.

SEParty2005 1.jpgSEParty2005 2.jpg

SEParty2005 3.jpg SEParty2005 4.jpg

Aug. 2nd, 2005
    Historyversionup.png Bug Fixes and RAGE!
New Features & Content
  • The /blockaid feature was implemented.
    • The command was implemented to alleviate grieving tactics, although it was ineffective unless everyone in the alliance had it on.
  • A problem was addressed with the Azimuth Circle not being able to be completed.
  • Adventuring Fellow NPCs now disappeared after defeating 71 enemies.
  • Signal Pearls will no longer activate when there are six or more players in a party.
  • An issue where armor intended to only affect a players wyvern would also affect Fellows.
  • When asking for a new Signal Pearl, the relationship between Fellow NPC and player will slightly decline.
  • After certain quests were completed, Fellows would remain around longer.
  • Stona now would work against Level 5 Petrify.
  • NM Pets would now con Impossible to Gauge.
  • The popular HNMs below now "Raged" after a certain amount of time has passed after being claimed.
  • Synthesis Material Silica was made more easily obtainable. Furthermore, Glass Sheets now yielded more per synth.
    • These changes were made due to complaints at how hard it was to create Goldfish Bowl.
  • Players could no longer receive Trade offers from players on their blacklist.
  • Players could no longer immediately claim monsters right as they appeared.
    • If attempts were made to claim a monster before this random period has elapsed, those players were unable to act for a few seconds.
Raged HNMs

HNMs now went into "Rage" or "Hyper" mode after a certain amount of time (usually 30 minutes or 1 hour) if they have not been defeated. After that amount of time, its stats gradually rose over the course of 5 mintues before becoming fully raged. It became nearly impossible to deal any damage, and the monsters would eventually one-shot any tank. This change was very welcoming for English and Japanese players alike. Linkshells were now required to come with a larger force ready to kill quickly. Before, they would often come with a small force that either took a long time to kill it, or even held it for hours on purpose to change the time of death to be more convenient for their timezone.

Although the video below is from 2006, it gives a taste on how crazy HNMs became after being held for too long.

Claim Delay

Before this change, HNMs would often pop claimed for many North American players due to lag. This changed evened the playing field a bit, but not totally. The claim delay also gave birth to many new FFXI Claim Bots. Some even had the functionality to connect to other linkshell members. If done properly, it would then setup automatic staggered claim timer delays for each member which gave the best chances at claiming HNMs.

Aug. 13th, 2005
    USFlag.png iGames Tour 2005 Rochester, New York
This was one of the only East Coast Final Fantasy XI events. It took place at Arena 51, a local shop that hosted multiplayer gaming, lock-ins, and many other events. The address was 376 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623. The business has since closed down.

iGames Tour 2005 Rochester, New York

  • Events:
    • Party vs Party Rumble
    • Q&A with Sage Sundi
    • 40+ player Tarutaru cure marathon
    • Marathon Awards
    • Merchandise Store
    • Picture booth with models in Mithra RSE
    • Costume Contest and Raffle
    • Prizes included cordless controllers, surround sound systems, and even a custom Promathia PC
IGamesNY 1.jpgIGamesNY 2.jpg

IGamesNY 3.jpgIGamesNY 4.jpg

IGamesNY 5.jpgIGamesNY 6.jpg

IGamesNY 7.jpgIGamesNY 8.jpg

Aug. 16th, 2005
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel Collection 2005
This disk included the base game as well as the Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansions. The MSRP was $29.99.

Again, this disk was in DVD-ROM format. Many players had to bootleg the files from the internet and use the CD keys that came with the game, because they didn't have a DVD-ROM Drive.

The package included a Vana’diel Buddy Pass which allowed a friend to create an account and play the basic FINAL FANTASY XI game free for 30 days. Also included is an iTunes Collector's Card for a free music download from the FINAL FANTASY XI Collection.

Aug. 24th, 2005
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png The Star Onions Debut Album Released
The album was named "Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel". 10 songs were on the CD, and the price was 2,500 Yen (Tax Included). StarOnions CD1.JPG
Aug. 26th, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Blitz Buffalo 2005
The first incarnation of the annual Buffalo event took place. The days it was held was from August 26th thru September 5th.

Buffalo NMs named Toro appeared in the areas around Jeuno and Tavnazian Safehold. The idea of the event was to defeat the NMs. If too much damage was inflicted, players were blown back to town or their Home Points. After defeating the NM, a ??? would appear. When examined, players would be awarded with the Red Sash. Occasionally, a rare version of the NM named Miura would spawn instead. Defeating this one would reward the HQ version of the sash Dash Sash.

Rare Sashes

After the event concluded, there was no way to obtain the sash rewards again. They were removed from the future Blazing Buffalo events until 2014.

Aug. 27th, 2005
    JPFlag.png Final Fantasy XI Summer Carnival 2005
This event was so far the largest FFXI event in Japan. It was organized by Enterbrain Corporation (the publisher of Famitsu) and hosted by Hirokazu Hamamura (president of Enterbrain).

All event attendees received the postcard below illustrated by Mr. Katsuya Terada.

CarnivalLoot2005 4.jpg

Events included:

  • Discussion panel with the development team
  • Ballista Royal Japan - Semi-Finals and Finals
    • "Lovehame" from Siren took first place
  • FFXI Merchandise tables
  • The Star Onions Live Performance
    • Featuring Naoshi Mizuta on bass, Kumi Tanioka on piano and synth, Tsuyoshi Sekito on guitar, Masato Kouda on synth, Arata Hanyuda (From The Black Mages) and Michael-Christopher Koji Fox on drums
    • Songs Performed: Yuhtunga Jungle, Rolanberry Fields, Mog House, Awakening, and Selbina
  • Nobuo Uematsu and Masuda Izumi made a surprise appearance, and Distant Worlds was performed.


Attendees who purchased a Star Onions CD also received the pin pictured below

CarnivalLoot2005 1.jpg

The Nippon Youth Center is located in Tokyo's Meiji Jingu Gaien district. In order to be used for a site for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, it was dismantled and totally remodeled into a hotel with 220 rooms and 1250 seats. The grand opening was on August 1st, 2017.

The picture on the right on top was taken back in 2005 on the day that the FFXI Summer Carnival was held. The lower picture is the building today.


Nihon Seinenkan.jpg

Some exclusive loot included:

Tshirts with "Summer Carnival" printed on them (below)

CarnivalLoot2005 3.jpg

Hand Towels (below)

CarnivalLoot2005 2.jpg

Sep. 12th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Ballista Royale North American Recruitment
Recruitment began for Ballista Royale's North American Tournament. Groups could apply on the official Playonline website.

The Stars Cap and Laurel Crown were announced as Server Finals prize and Chapionship Prize respectfully. The overall winning team members would also each receive a custom build Promathia PC.

Stars Cap description.png

Laurel Crown description.png

Sep. 14th, 2005
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png Distant Worlds Single Released
Distant Worlds was released in Japan as a single on September 14th, 2005. The price was 150 Yen (Tax included).

A week later on the 22nd, it was available on iTunes in North America.

Distant Worlds Single.jpg
Sep. 16th, 2005
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png Treasures of Aht Urhgan Announced at TGS 2005
TOAU Banner.gif

The third expansion for Final Fantasy XI, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2005.

TGS 2005 took place from September 16th thru September 18th. Final Fantasy XI had a section set up within the Microsoft area. The game drew the most attention in the booth. In addition, a playable demonstration of the Xbox 360 version was on show. A chocobo competition event took place among visitors.

TGS2005 1.png TGS2005 2.png

20050920 1.jpg 20050920 2.jpg

Oct 4th, 2005
    Historynews.gif FFXI Xbox 360 version at X05
On October 4th-5th in Amsterdam, Final Fantasy XI was demonstrated at the X05 event held by Microsoft. Several new areas included in the forthcoming expansion pack announced at TGS 2005, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, were shown. It was the first opportunity to see FFXI on Xbox 360 connecting to one of the actual worlds currently in service.

The Xbox 360 consoles which were used to connect to the public server were fitted with USB keyboards. Using the combination of its controller and the additional keyboard, FFXI handled like a dream! Performance on the other hand, was not the best.

X05 1.jpgX05 2.jpg

X05 3.jpgX05 4.jpg

Oct. 11th, 2005
    Historyversionup.png Limbus Introduced
New Features & Content
  • Many changes were implemented to the Adventuring Fellow system.
    • Level Cap quests were added.
    • New fellow combat systems added.
    • Fellows now have HP bars.
  • Players could no longer raise their Combat Skill levels if a monster is hit for 0 damage.
  • A timer was added to the lost chocobo quest
  • Many new items were made obtainable by Mining and Harvesting in West Sarutabaruta, Yuhtunga Jungle, Yhoator Jungle, Giddeus, Zeruhn Mines and Korroloka Tunnel.
  • The one-way door when walking straight after zoning into The Garden of Ru'Hmet was made accessible to walk through from both ways if a player is far enough into the Chains of Promathia Missions
  • The number of dolls that can be summoned by a member of the Spheroid family now has a limit.
    • This limit was placed on a spawn-by-spawn basis. Killing the monster and waiting for a new spawn has a fresh timer.
  • The number of elementals that can be summoned by a member of the Aero family now has a limit.
    • This limit was placed on a spawn-by-spawn basis. Killing the monster and waiting for a new spawn has a fresh timer.
  • An issue wherein players not participating in an Expeditionary Force mission were able to attack the pets of the expeditionary force monsters has been addressed.
  • The first Experience Points enhancement items were released. These were the Chariot Band and Empress Band.
    • The bands themselves were nothing like they are today.
      • The Chariot Band gave EXP Bonus +75%, Max Duration 90 minutes, and Max Bonus 500 exp.
      • The Empress Band gave EXP Bonus +50%, Max Duration 180 minutes, and Max Bonus 1000 exp.
  • New navigational charts were added.
  • It was now possible to see the comprehensive list of recipes at Guilds.
  • The key item Metal Ensorcellment was added.
  • Many new jug pets were added.
  • Several more Ballista changes including:
    • New Temporary Items.
    • More Temp Item Vouchers added to the list of KIs obtainable with Ballista Points
    • Blood Pact effectiveness range was extended
    • Duration of the resistance effect to Lullaby increased.
    • Ninjutsu effects used to be able to "lock" players from drawing weapons if repeatedly used. This was fixed.
    • The amount of points required to reserve Diorama Abdhaljs - Ghelsba was reduced from 200 to 100.
    • Ballista Royale rules were now able to be set in Diorama Abdhaljs - Ghelsba.

Limbus was a fun event for causal players to get into and farm Ancient Beastcoins for good profit. Many endgame linkshells wanted to participate, but few had enough players with sea access to effectively add it to their schedules.

Experience Points Bands

The new bands immediately became a hit with most players. Unfortunately, they were not very powerful. With the slow pace of experience points back then, it was still a welcome change. Players were excited about easier ways to earn experience, and were looking forward to the future for more items like the rings.

End of easy skill ups

Before this update, it was common for players to Sleep monsters with high defense, use a weapon with 1 damage, hit it for 0, and obtain a skill up. The monster would remain slept. Particularly, the Treat Staff was used with this method for Black Mages to skill up. As such, the staff was nicknamed "Sleep Treat".

Oct. 12th, 2005
    Historybeta.png Xbox 360 version of FFXI Beta Announcement
The Japanese FFXI Beta was announced first. When purchasing the first production version of the Xbox 360 unit in Japan, the FFXI Beta Disc would be distributed free of charge at the store.

Beta service or disc distribution would not being, however, until December 10th, 2005.

Oct. 21st, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Trick or Treat 2005
The event period was from October 21st thru November 1st. The event itself was practically the same as 2004, except new bomb decorations showed up around town. Additionally, fruit was not tradable like it was the previous year.

New equipment included the Pitchfork and the Pitchfork +1. To obtain these, you must team up with a partner and stand under the new bomb decorations while wearing a certain combination of costumes depending on the area you are in.

Oct. 22nd, 2005
    USFlag.png iGames Tour 2005 College Station, Texas
This was the last stop of the iGames 2005 Tour.

It took place at Netzone Centers, a local shop that hosted multiplayer gaming, lock-ins, and many other events. The address was 1702 George Bush East Suite 102 College Station, TX 77840. The business has since closed down.

IGames2005 Texas top.gif
  • Events:
    • PCs open for FFXI play
    • Party vs Party Rumble & North American Debut of Heroes Combat
    • Q&A with Sage Sundi
    • 40+ player Tarutaru cure marathon
    • Merchandise Store
    • Picture booth with models in Mithra RSE
    • Costume Contest and Raffle
    • Prizes again included cordless controllers, surround sound systems, nVidia 7800 gtx video cards, and a custom Promathia PC

For more info, see the BG Forums Thread

IGames2005 Texas 1.jpgIGames2005 Texas 2.jpg

IGames2005 Texas 3.jpgIGames2005 Texas 4.jpg

IGames2005 Texas 5.jpgIGames2005 Texas 6.jpg

IGames2005 Texas 7.jpgIGames2005 Texas 8.jpg

IGames2005 Texas 9.jpgIGames2005 Texas 10.jpg

IGames2005 Texas 11.jpgIGames2005 Texas 12.jpg

IGames2005 Texas 13.jpgIGames2005 Texas 14.jpg

Dec. 7th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Vrtra found at Spook's location on Lakshmi
On the Lakshmi world, Vrtra was found idle near the Spook location.

It is said that an unknown player may have aggro'd him, and used third party tools to teleport himself back to Spook. Vrtra somehow followed him back and stayed in the area after the player either warped or was killed and returned to their Home Point. It is not known if this was done on purpose by this player, or occurred as an accident.





Here is a first hand account of the event:

"I got an odd AIM message from a friend of mine Armageddon (a Taru PLD). He was complaining that someone trained Vrtra to the spook camp and it was killing people. Well right away considering the distance, the number of mobs in-between and the fact that mobs go back to their spawn point when they lose all aggro (and most people would die very fast to Vrtra aggro) I thought he was totally BSing me so I did the obvious thing which was to ask for pics.

So now I have a pic of him standing next to Vrtra. I'm still un-convinced as I believe you can still swap dat files to change one mob into another (i.e. you could make your Moogle into Lion or Behemoth if you desired). He had /names off so i still wasn't really convinced although a conversation with the LS theorized that someone could have fleehacked or something to maybe get it there (although it doesn't explain it sticking around) Few minutes later I get a tell "oh shit it killed me". So I decided what the heck lets go down and check this out.

I get to spook camp and sure enough there is Vrtra standing there yellow with a dead taru under her, not moving back to camp with Spook buzzing around in the background. So obviously I posed for a few pics and told a few of my friends who also decided to take a peek. Had a few noobs run around the corner and promptly get flattened as well.

In the meantime, Armageddon was talking to a GM about the case. The GM call itself was kinda amusing, they really didn't know wtf was going on either. It got escalated to the senior JP GM and finally to the developers. In an MT, the one GM was confirming with the senior that I was just visiting and wasn't responsible for it (my friend made sure too)

What ended up happening is that one of the GMs ended up killing it. I recieved a few tells from the GM (one of which was to stand back, I did mention we were planning to kill it on Saturday incase they could just move it, and obviously i jokingly asked for a Title or drops). I don't have pics of the hits and the GM stayed invis (one of the people standing there was going to hook me up with some pics of the hits if they turned out but left before I could give my e-mail address). According to my friend the GM had about 900ms interval between hits and each one took about 8% off the mob, it was a very quick fight. Towards the end of the fight somehow I got pulled in and was promptly Crit hitted, nuked by a summon and then spike flailed by Vrtra herself (woulda survived the flail if not for the other damage I took). Prior to this I remember claiming spook and I believe I killed it with no drop but things were kinda going fast. At one point just prior to my death Vrtra had went yellow and was so low on hp I think a small pack of BLMS could have nuked it to death.

Few minutes after it died and I was raised by friends, I was sent a tell to clear the area and right after they did an emergency maint on the zone."

Dec. 7th, 2005
    Counterfeit Gil icon.png Jeuno - Starlight Celebration track released on iTunes
The track "Jeuno - Starlight Celebration", which was first released during the 2004 Starlight Celebration event, was made available on iTunes in Japan and North America. The price was 150 Yen (Tax Included) JeunoStarlight.jpg
Dec. 10th, 2005
    Historybeta.png Xbox 360 Beta Test begins
The Xbox 360 console was released in Japan, and the Final Fantasy XI Xbox 360 Beta Test commenced.

A dedicated world for beta participants was opened named Hydra.

Xbox360beta jp.jpg
Dec. 13th, 2005
    Historyversionup.png Dragoon 2 Hour SP Changed
New Features & Content

Job Adjustments
  • Dragoon
    • 2 hour ability was changed to Spirit Surge.
    • Call Wyvern was changed to a 20 minute ability, and only able to be used when Dragoon is set to main job.
    • Jump - Temporarily weakens enemy defense.
    • High Jump - Enemy's TP is reduced by a percentage based on damage inflicted.
    • Super Jump - As seen from the enemy target's position, the closest party member behind the Dragoon has their enmity reduced by half.
    • Wyverns now have the equivellant of the job trait Subtle Blow.
  • Beastmaster
    • Masters now receive 100% of experience points when using a pet with Call Beast.
  • Using Reward now includes a Regen effect.
  • The quest Waking Dreams to obtain Diabolos Prime was added.
  • The BCNM The Wyrmking Descends using a Monarch's Orb was added.
  • Many adjustments to the Adventuring Fellow including:
    • Level cap increase and quests for them.
    • More weapons and armor available to Fellows.
    • Easier to skillchain with a Fellow if using the "Fierce Attacker" style.
    • Enhancing Magic used twice as often if the Fellow is using the combat style "Soothing Healer".
    • Level correction adjustments to Fellows.
    • Corrected attack/delay when Fellows used Hand-to-Hand.
    • Fellows would no longer leave immediately after being called by a character in an alliance of 4 or more members.
    • The quest for a Tactics Pearl was made easier by moving the ??? in Holla to the first floor.
  • Escort for Hire quests - The NPC now disappears if players participating do not interact with them within 5 minutes.
  • It is now possible to see if a Limbus area is occupied.
  • Anti-MPK Update:
    • This update made non-NM monsters dissappear if they somehow exited their normal radius.
    • Binding a monster next to a player without aggro will no longer force the monster to attack them.
  • Merit Point System:
    • The maximum number of usable merit points has been increased in all categories in the following manner:
      • Combo total and sub-categories:
        • HP/MP
        • Attributes
        • Combat Skills
        • Magic Skills
        • Others
      • Combo total only:
        • Individual job categories
  • Monster placement in Phomiuna Aqueducts and Sacrarium adjusted.
  • An issue wherein the delay between disengaging from an enemy and being able to attack once more not being equal to the delay of the weapon equipped has been addressed.
    • This delay is calculated after considering Haste and Slow effects.
  • The Crow Jupon set can now be stored.
  • Patissier and Stewpot Mastery Key Items added, obtainable with Guild Points
  • Items marked as “Rare” have been removed from the rewards obtainable through the Brigand's Chart quest. This change will reduce the chance of empty treasure chests appearing.
  • Monsters that appear during the Pirate's Chart quest in the Valkurm Dunes can now detect characters that are using Sneak.
  • The Albatross Ring and Pelican Ring were retired and new versions (with the same name) were introduced. They had six times the amount of charges but six times less duration. The old versions were no longer obtainable.
    • This change allowed less risk of the charges being wasted due to the durations, but offered the same effect with more charges.
Light at the end of the tunnel for Dragoon

At last, a decent update for Dragoon was implemented. Players were excited for Call Wyvern being changed and for the new two hour ability. This caused a bandwagon of Dragoons to hit Vana'diel as players tested the viability of Dragoon.

Light at the end of the... WRONG tunnel for Beastmaster

With the Anti-MPK patch, many Beastmasters found it very difficult to solo because Released pets disappeared. Jug Pets started becoming more popular than Charm starting with this patch.

Dreamland Dynamis

Dreamland Dynamis was also out of the question for many linkshells for the time being. The whole boss system was very different than everyone was used to, and it took awhile to figure out mechanics for each zone.

Many of the Accessories were best in slot for jobs, and highly coveted. Many linkshells dropped their Dynamis - Xarcabard/Beaucidine/City farming in hopes of learning more about the new dream dynamis zones.

Dec. 16th, 2005
    Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Starlight Celebration 2005
The Starlight Celebration was once again held from December 16th thru December 31st. Decorations adorned the trees and popular areas throughout all home nations.

New this year were seven christmas greeting cards with no gil inside.

You were given these cards by moogles who instructed you to trade them to an adventurer with a certain job and level. It was possible you could have the required job/level, and you could change to that job and complete it yourself.

After receiving the card back, you had to trade it back to the moogle again. Completing this four times rewarded you with the Dream Robe. A Dream Robe +1 was available with the same process, but those adventurers were "wearing red" meaning they needed to also equip a Dream Robe or Dream Robe +1 and repeat the process.

Dec. 18th, 2005
    USFlag.png Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2006 Announcement
The event would take place at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. It was also announced that the event would be a three day event, it would have the premier of a playable version of Treasures of Aht Urhgan, and the Ballista Royale championship would take place.
Fanfest 2006 NA.gif
Dec. 18th, 2005
    JPFlag.png Final Fantasy XI Internet Cafe "REAL VANA'DIEL" Closes
The shop itself was talked about earlier on the page, but more information will be here.

The shop was operated by Melco Online Entertainment, a major PC part manufacturer at the time. Specifically, Buffalo was the affiliated company by Melco Group who was in charge of operations.

The shop specialized in Final Fantasy XI, and was operated at considerably higher standards compared with other Manga and Internet cafes in Japan.

Guests were served with meals as well as fruit juices and chocolate drinks (Fanta, Qoo, Cocoa, etc) for free. The venue was often rented out for offline Linkshell meetings and christmas events.

FFXI could be played on the latest PCs. English and Japanese versions were both installed and available. THe PCs satisfied recommended specs at the time, which were very expensive. Players who wanted to experience the best play experience often went to the cafe.

In addition, there was a smoking area that resembled a San d'Orian Rent-a-Room Mog House.

The store was conveniently located in Akihabara in an old warehouse building. Clerks often cosplayed as Hume Females and Mithra wearing RSE equipment.

The area it was located was called "Akiba-kei". Akihabara is a district in Chiyoda, Tokyo where many otaku, or obsessive anime, manga, and video game fans gather.

Akiba-kei is a Japanese slang term meaning "Akihabara style". It dates back to the early 80s and refers to a subset of otaku who spend much of their time in and around the Akihabara area of Tokyo and are known for their strong interest in "fantasy worlds...anime, manga, maids, idols, and games"

The Akihabara area in central Tokyo is well known as a marketplace of cutting edge technology. In recent years, it has developed strong ties to the Japanese gaming industry, as well as to anime and manga publishers. These ties are one reason why Akiba-kei culture has expanded outside its geographic area, to manifest on the Internet in the form of websites.

In addition to patronizing the famous electronics stores around them, such as: LaOX,Akibaoo and more. Akiba-kei frequently open their own shops in Akihabara. Many of these shops are run by Akiba-kei in cosplay, who may claim that such attire is the rule for them rather than the exception. The shops offer a wide variety of goods and services: some sell model or ornamental weaponry; others are modeled after antique reading rooms; and still others sell quirky or innovative foodstuffs.

Dec. 20th, 2005
    Historybeta.png Xbox 360 North America Beta Test Announcement
It was announced that the February 2006 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine would contain the beta disk for FFXI on Xbox 360. The issue would go on sale on January 17th, 2006. 360 beta NA.gif
Dec. 27th, 2005
    Historynews.gif Closure of Development Information BB & Altana Encyclopedia
The Development Bulletin Board was used to provide information on and exchanging information about FFXI version updates between Square-Enix and players.

The developers exchanged opinions with each other about version upgrades and Playonline. However, if opinions or requests other than the agenda are submitted, they were deleted and a warning email was delivered to the user who posted it.

Many ideas were used, however. Requests such as the Escort Quests and an increase in Item Trigger popped NMs were written to this board and they became implemented.

Together, this Developer BB and the Altana Encyclopedia closed on this day.

The decision to end the life of these features was made because at this point, community sites have developed and became far superior sources of information for players. SE considered that these sources have finished their roll and pulled the plugs.
Pre-Release & Beta

2000 - 2001

Release & The First Year


The Rise of the Zilart Era


The Chains of Promathia Era


Conclusion of Chains of Promathia


The Treasures of Aht Urhgan Era


Conclusion of Treasures of Aht Urhgan


The Age of Mythical Weapons


The Add-on Scenarios


The End of the Level 75 Cap


The Level 99 Era

Coming Soon!

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