Seekers of Adoulin Mission 5-2-2

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The Key to the Turris
Series None
Starting NPC N/A
Title Protected by Ulbukan Spirits
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Balamor provided an unexpected message during a surprise visit: the blood sigils are keys to entering Ra'Kaznar Turris, where Hades awaits. End his destruction of Ulbuka.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Returning to the Trees Teodor's Summons


  • Head to the bottom of Ra'Kaznar Turris and examine the Ominous Postern for a long cutscene to complete the mission.
  • You will be heading to Ra'Kaznar Inner Court. To get there, you will be going through crystal structures and some Gates-type zone.
  • There are a few routes you may take:

Yorcia Weald

Marjami Ravine

  • This route may only be taken if you have cleared the Wildskeeper Reive for Marjami Ravine and thus have the Aged Booming Naakual crest Key Item.
    • You may have to break a Colonization Reive in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court (Map 1).
    • This route starts at Marjami Ravine (F-11).
      • Proceed to Waypoint 3 and head east the crystal structure "???" to warp to Woh Gates (Map 2).
        • Head south east and climb down the Scalable Area.
        • Hug the right wall towards Lapiniontraps and Lapinions around (E-12), yes it is odd they coexist.
        • On your left will be another Scalable Area, climb up it and examine the crystal structure "???" at (H-9) to be warped to Ra'Kaznar Inner Court.
      • From (D-7) on Map 1, head southeast to (L-10/11), and you will be warped to (L/M-12) on Map 2.
        • Head southwest then north to (K-10). You may have to break a Colonization Reive here.
        • Head north to (K-8), and you will be at the same place as if you had taken the Yorcia Weald Route.
  • Follow the right wall and use the Vertical Transfer Device to enter Ra'Kaznar Turris.
  • There is a homepoint crystal next to the entrance (yay!).
  • Head to the bottom and examine the Ominous Postern for a very long cutscene.

Last Route

  • If you do not have either of the above Naakual crests for their respective zone. Then you'll have to take the long route, traversing all of Outer Ra'Kaznar and Ra'Kaznar Inner Court.
    • You will have to pass through two Colonization Reives in Outer Ra'Kaznar, and two Colonization Reives in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court to get to Ra'Kaznar Turris.
    • You will need a Silvery plate from within Outer Ra'Kaznar (C-7) (Map 1) in order to access Ra'Kaznar Turris this route if you did not already obtain it earlier.
    • Follow the arrows on the Outer Ra'Kaznar maps to the right. You must reach the eastern elevator on Map 2.
    • Using the marked map connections. Proceed to warp A on Map 1 to reach A on Map 2 and then to D on map 2.
    • From D on map 1 proceed to H.
    • From H on map 2 to I.
    • From I on Map 1 to J.
    • Finally, after using the J warp you will be right around the corner from the home point and zone. Good job surviving this nightmare.
      • Head to the bottom and examine the Ominous Postern for a very long cutscene.

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