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Seekers of Adoulin Mission 3-4

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The Man in Black
Series Seekers of Adoulin
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Rumor has it that Teodor can be found at the Mummers' Coalition's gaming tables. Head there for a brief chat and to let off some steam.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Clear Skies To the Victor...


  • Each round is played by either "shooting", "staying", using a trick, or folding.
  • Shooting increases your roll in the same manner that a Corsair's Phantom Roll works.
    • Just like with Corsair's rolls, getting more than 11 total will cause you to "bust", and thus lose the round.
  • Staying closes the round for you.
    • Either play may stay while the other player may continue.
    • When both players stay, the round ends and whoever has the highest number closest to 11 wins.
  • Using a trick does one of three things:
    • You may only use one trick per round.
    • Peeking lets you look at one roll of the opponent.
    • Swapping lets you change one of your rolls for one of the opponent's.
    • Crooked cards forces your opponent to reroll a roll of your choice.
  • Folding ends the round in a loss.

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